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For a long time, Ownhammer was the top name in the industry and today many would argue they still are.
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The market hasn’t always been as competitive as it is now. For a while, Ownhammer, Redwirez and a couple others sat in a league of their own. While Ownhammer is absolutely still one of the top names in the industry, the gap in quality between the top companies and the rest of the pack no longer exists. That said, even with a more level playing field on the market today, the Ownhammer name carries a very high level of respect in the industry from players and other developers alike.

The Ownhammer libraries are set up for both quick and lengthy searches. The options are endless but laid out in such away that you can really get surgical if you learn how their system works and how the files are labeled. For those wanting a quicker fix, there’s the quick-start guides and other quick options with each library. For longer more specific tone chasing adventures, you can start down a rabbit hole through folders and folders of impulse files. You really have to experience Ownhammer products to understand the immensity and detail of each library.

The versatility in the library is infinite really, there’s not really any uncovered ground. No matter what kind of player you are or what kind of music you are playing, Ownhammer has you covered. Metal players get a tiny bit more attention with the legendary Heavy Hitters packs but no matter what tone you are after, Ownhammer has the product you are looking for at a good price.

Product wise, Ownhammer offers single cab packs, multi-cab packs and then they offer these monstrous multi-cab, multi-mic offerings that you will see under the “Massively multi-mic libraries” page. You will find cabinets from most of the top brands in the game as well as an awesome selection of mics, mic positions, speakers and more in every pack.

Ownhammer products are definitely on our “must own” list for anyone using amp sims but to get the most out of the libraries, learn how the file system works and how they use codes and short forms for positions and mics etc.


  • 412 ZLCS V30 MMMC
  • Heavy Hitters Vol. 1
  • Heavy Hitters Vol. 2
  • 412 EDVH
  • 410 BOG
  • 1012 TWEED
  • 112 DVRB
  • 212 ORNG
  • 212 RECTO


  • Everything in the Massively Multi-Mic Libraries category
  • Everything in the Multiple Cabinet Libraries category
  • The Multiple Cabinet AMPG Bass Cabinet Library
  • The following entries in the Single Cabinet Libraries category:
  • 110 VC4 (there will be a 6-pack coming very soon)
  • 112 DVRB 6-Pack
  • 1012 TWEED – CQ pack
  • 212 BOG-OS
  • 212 VC30 6-Pack
  • 412 FMAN 6-Pack
  • 412 RECTO 6-Pack

Ownhammer has been going strong a long time now and they show no signs of slowing down either. Their products are well developed, high quality and modestly priced. They don’t have a bad product in their entire product line nor do I have anything even remotely close to negative to say about anything they have ever released! Then you have to factor in that they make everything more than affordable.

Having said that, it would be cool to see OH take a step or two outside of the main brands even though I realize doing so carries more risk. I feel like there’s a great many fantastic speaker cabinets out there that would thrive if part of the Ownhammer product line so it would be cool to see a few more risks, if even subtle risks. With the way the market is moving, many developers are having to reach for brands outside of the most popular to provide something new and I don’t think it’ll be long before Ownhammer does the same. Regardless, everything they do sounds good so anything new they do will likely do just that.

For some sound examples – see this demo of the Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection on Youtube

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