Many of the genres we are focused on this month involve keys and it just so happens that JST’s Billy Decker bus glue collection has a plugin for enhancing keys. Problem was, we didn’t want an EZ quality keys for this month because nothing EZ is ever really that good is it?

GG Audio to the rescue!! GG Audio was nice enough to provide us with two killer plugins based on a Hammond B3 and a Rotary unit called Blue3 and Spin! Any keys you hear this month will be coming courtesy of GG Audio!!

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For those interested in really high quality Hammond sounds for a very affordable price, check out GG Audio and for Pink Floyd enthusiasts, the Spin plugin can also be used as your cabinet section. Spin is a Leslie sim, so guitar players wanting a leslie sound should have a look. There’s a Yamaha R200 simulation in Spin which is the amp/rotating speaker that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd used for many years.

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