Country&Blues Month News


For this month we weren’t going to rely on only our own experience. Every memorable country singer has always had top shelf players behind them and for this month, we wanted to make sure we had our own big shooters. I am only an intermediate level country and blues player so having some help is always a plus.

In addition to our own in house expert Ben Wilshire, one of our hired guns for Country & Blues month is Italian session guitarist Andrea Cesone. I became familiar with Andrea’s work a few years ago on the popular Telecaster forums and Facebook pages. His feel for chicken pickin’ and his tone really stood out to me. The stuff this guy can play while making it look effortless is impressive to say the least.

This guy can flat..out….play folks and we are very happy to have his help this month. He will be helping us with some tones, demos and an interview! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube and also check out his band The Andrea Cesone Trio as well.

His newest playthrough!!


Andrea ripping through “Hot Wired” by Brent Mason … wow



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