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Celestion has been making speakers since 1927 and they have been at the top of the industry since then. Nearly 100 years as one of, if not the best speaker manufacturers in the world. That’s one hell of a run wouldn’t you say?


Celestion has been the brand of speaker trusted and used by nearly every guitar and bass cabinet manufacturer in existence.

Celestion speakers have been used by every name you can think of throughout history. With so many models to choose from and such an incredible level of quality across not only their entire product line but also their entire history of product lines, it’s not difficult to understand why so many have trusted the Celestion name since it’s inception.

Every impulse response developer today has a ton of Celestion options to choose from but Celestion also develop their own in house impulse responses. These impulses responses carry the exact same level of quality as their hardware counterparts and they are also made with the same exceptional quality and detail.

The selection is awe-inspiring to say the least. Open and closed back, 112, 212 & 412 for guitar, 210 & 115 for bass and more for sizes along with industry standard mics and mic positions. All in all you get an awesome selection and the pricing is affordable for a premium level product.

The format and the way the impulses are laid out make things easy to use. You should have a look at their mics and mix breakdown. Find it on their site or HERE right now for more information.


  • EVH GM12 Collection
  • Suhr GM12 412 Greenback Closed
  • Celestion Blue 212 Open
  • G12 50GL 412 Lynchback Closed
  • A-Type 212 Open

These are really great sounding impulses for an affordable and more than fair price. You also get the brand name comfort in the sense that you know these impulses were developed by the people that know these products better than anyone.

If you are a fan of Celestion speakers, these impulses are a must for you because the realism and authenticity are seamless. I have played on so many Celestion speakers over the years in various set ups doing various styles and they’ve never let me down, the impulses inspire the same level of trust.

Check out Celestion’s large selection of really high quality products at

See a Celestion IR demo w Pete Thorn

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