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My personal history with country & more

Sometimes, when I read pages, I wonder really how into the subject matter the writers are because it can be hard to tell. In this situation, some people might be thinking “why are they doing a country & blues month?” or perhaps some folks may wander in here this month and wonder the same thing I wonder from time to time regarding the writer’s interest. So I wanted to give a brief reasoning behind this month as well as sharing a few thoughts.

As early as I can recall, country, southern rock and blues music were staples in my childhood. As I grew up, I enjoyed it more and more as a teen, a young man and now as an adult. I can always recall loving the twang of the guitars, the rich vocal harmonies and the attitude that the genres came with.

My grandfather showed me surf music at about 13, I found rockabilly around the same time which when blended with all the metal and punk that I was finding in my youth, further ignited my need to not only be a musician but to also learn about equipment.

I have been playing all of these genres on multiple instruments for years though most of my experience with surf has been as a drummer and I only started actively learning how to chicken pick two years ago. I know a lot about surf guitar gear but playing it on the guitar was something I never really tackled so this month, I will be learning the technique to strengthen my skill set. Wish me luck!

We decided to do this to try and grow not only our audience by sharing our love for great tones and music but also to hopefully grow the interest in and use of plugins inside groups that have maybe written them off or simply haven’t heard much about them. I hope you will all enjoy everything we have to offer this month and beyond.

When you read the editorials, reviews and features or watch the videos on YouTube and Instagram, just know that this is not a feature we forced or one that we aren’t fully committed to. I hope our love for all the genres being showcased this month at HASR shows through in our dedication!!

Enjoy the month!!


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