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We are very proud to announce the first annual country & blues month here at Honest Amp Sim Reviews. It’s been a plan since day one here to focus on and feature every guitar related genre in the game. We will be posting a schedule for upcoming feature months at HASR to showcase all of the planned upcoming events.

In March we are going to focus on tones, gear, players, personalities, producers and more related to various styles and eras of country and blues but we are also going to involve rockabilly, surf, swing, jazz, southern rock, folk and more. So much to cover and it all begins March 1st!!

When we say country, we mean every era of country, even new country but with new country, we will only be covering the artists we feel are offering something guitar related rather than boy bands like Florida Georgia Line etc.

For the metal players out there, we know the metal crowd loves their shred and if you think the country players can’t shred, you are mistaken. There will be PLENTY of shred on display. For us to feature any genre, it absolutely must be guitar driven and there is a ton of truthfully legendary guitar driven country dating back to the beginnings of the genre. We encourage fans of every type of music to join us in March for a lot of fun and great tones.

Everyone here at HASR loves metal and you will get your metal month… oh, you will get one indeed (maniacal laughter) but personally, we have had enough of the stigma that says amp sims = metal and only metal. Many guitarists from genres outside of modern metal and heavier genres scoff at plugins and amp sims and we want to do what we can to change that while also showing many that we are all about versatility and having an open mind.

You will be able to come visit us during March for 10+ interviews with players, producers and developers. In addition to the interviews you will get several new tone tutorials, reviews, demos, videos, pickup and string discussion and tons more all related to our focus for the month. It’s a PACKED month of great features coming from JST and HASR!!

CONTESTS!! We will be giving away 10 FULL licenses for Joey Sturgis Tones’ new series of plugins known as Billy Decker Bus Glue! In addition to that we are also running a massive giveaway from Sknote where you will be able to win a huge package of their amp sims, pedals and more.

We sincerely can’t wait to share a whole month of great stuff with all of our readers and we hope to bring in plenty of new faces. We will be very active on our website, facebook, instagram and YouTube in March and we hope to see you all there!!!

PLEASE NOTE: We have several metal oriented interviews and features that are coming in and being edited so you can still expect some metal content in March but our main focus will be the genres mentioned.


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