Hello and good day from Honest Amp Sim Reviews!!

We will always be a 100% AD FREE page in every way shape and form. You will never see that super annoying strip of WordPress and google ads on the side of the page and you will never see an ad posted anywhere period. We do this because when researching the market before launching our page, we found a lot of pages with some extremely annoying ads and pop-ups, even on the top pages in the industry at times.

We understand that this is how most pages generate an income but we aren’t trying to generate anything of the sort because this page is a hobby for us, not a business. That’s a very clear distinction that we need to make here because a hobby and a business are very different things.

That all said, we have however decided to take on sponsors starting March 1st. These sponsors will simply be listed with links on the features they are sponsoring. For example, “TONE TUTORIALS brought to you by __________” or “Metal month brought to you by __________.” These sponsors will be providing prizes for contests and at times financial compensation.

While we are a hobby based resource, having a little money in the bank for products we cannot acquire for review from developers, contests for our readers and also odds and ends like strings and maintenance items is a good thing.

You will quite simply never even see a developer or product sponsor on our page that we don’t believe in or vouch for 100% so as always, anything you see promoted on our page or social media is something we stand behind.

Our first sponsor will be announced March 1st for COUNTRY & BLUES MONTH!!!! Stay tuned!

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