We have had several requests for soundclips to be put into our reviews. We wanted to let all of our readers and developer friends know that this is 100% happening but we can’t give you all a timeline on it just yet. We left it until last because we wanted to consider how we would do it. Let us know what you think.

First, we really had to think about how we would do this the right way. Soundclips can be a really big deal because they can actually be a huge deciding factor in a purchase decision for some and that puts pressure on us to be thorough and provide a variety of soundclips instead of just one. This is a hobby for us and there’s just not enough hours in a day to record 5-10 samples of every product as long as families and day jobs exist.

What we have decided to do is use two clips per product and those clips will be two variations of the same riff. We will find the best tone we can get without processing and then that exact tone with additional processing to further refine the tone.

We provide honesty here but remember folks, our honest opinion might be different from yours and so never take our word as gospel here. If a free trial exists, by all means, snap it up and put in some real hours with the product before buying. If there’s no free trial available, well I guess that could also factor into your decision process.

You should see soundclips start to pop up in the next month or so. Thanks much for all of your support.

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