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AXP/Softamp is one of the premier freeware developers on today's market but the stuff the company has released over the years is nothing short of brilliant. Here we look at their Charbooster plugin.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0.0)


The Charbooster is one of, if not my favorite boost plugin. It’s not a pedal per se but for this I will review it as such. It’s a versatile boost plugin that can boost literally anything nicely. I have used it on guitar, bass and keyboard myself.


The GUI is well done and well laid out but it takes some getting used to. Take the time to get to know the right and left click style of the way two of the plugins functions are dialed in. It’s not often that you have to right click and drag to change a setting so that’s why it’s important to get comfortable with the GUI before you get really into things.

It has three sections; Character, saturation and boost. The product link fully explains each section of the plugin and all the settings in detail so getting acquainted with what does what across the settings in key if you are going to have success with this or really any plugin in my opinion. You have my word though, if you get to know the GUI and settings, this pedal with help create some magic in your tone.

Basically however, the character provides 6 EQ options, the saturation allows you to choose from four types of saturation and then you choose the amount of boost. It’s quite simple but it just takes a little time to get used to vs. the average tube screamer pedal. It can however do more than your average TS plugin. There’s more character and more options involved with the Charbooster.

I have used the Charbooster for a clean boost and I have also used it to create sweet hi-gain fury but it also does anything in between. There’s no genre or style the Charbooster can’t help to enhance.


If you use boost plugins in front of amps, you need to try this plugin and if you don’t use a boost, you should still grab it because it can be real handy in a pinch for a number of instruments. The Charbooster is free from AXP/Softamp and you could be using it within minutes of reading this! They have a ton of great free plugins on the AXP/Softamp site and you can also grab the Charbooster, FM25 and Flextron plugins in the Honest Amp Sim Reviews FREE PACK ONE which is available HERE!

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