Cytomic Pedal/effect plugins

Cytomic The Scream

The Scream is a very promising Tubescreamer plugin still in public betatesting.
Recommended retail price$29
Version reviewedStill in public beta

Score: – / 10

We have been asked by Cytomic to hold off on this review until the plugin is completed and after discussing the reasoning behind the request we have decided that it’s fine by us. Stay tuned!

For the moment, what we will say is that the beta is more than worth the money. It’s a fantastic tube screamer with a ton of tweakable options and it could be the best TS/Boost on the market today. Apparently, when it’s finished it will be green and very low CPU but beyond that, you will have to contact Cytomic direct to discuss.

See more – quick introduction to The Scream

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