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Michael Stancel – Allegaeon

#1 – You use the Axefx II but a lot of Axefx and Kemper users started down the digital road with plugins and amp modelers. What plugins have you used over the years and which were some of your favorites?

For years I’ve been using LePou plugins in my home recording setup. I run them through some of Logic’s standard cab sims and love how it sounds.

I’ve also recently messed around with the new Fortin plugins which are also great.

#2 – Do you still use plugins at all or is it all AxeFx?

Yep! Still using the LePou plugins every day at home.

#3 – A ton of really great amp sims came out last year with a lot more on the way. Which ones caught your attention most?

The only one I was able to get my hands on was the Fortin Nameless suite which had a lot of really great features and offered a diverse range of sounds that you could achieve. I do want to try out some of the newer ones Fortin has been offering but just haven’t had the time.

#4 – Allegaeon’s new album “Apoptosis” is coming out April 19th on Metal Blade. The first song released “Stellar Tidal Disruption” has some really great tones, what amps in the AxeFx do you go to most?

If I remember right all of our high gain tones are using the 5150 III 50 watt Red amp sim. I’ve used that sound for years now in our live rigs and have never had to do more than a couple tweaks here and there.

#5 – The tones that you and Greg Burgess (Allegaeon’s co-shredder) are using on the new album fit together seamlessly. How do you guys dial things in so that your tones compliment each other and still cut the mix so well?

That would be the work of Mr. Dave Otero at Flatline Audio. We tracked the album using a Kemper and I believe he used the Kemper to re-amp as well. He usually creates a lead tone that sounds good for both of us then tweaks out individual tones to make sure they have their own personalities without being completely different.

#6 – We love to recreate tones with plugins here at HASR but when guys use Axefx it can be tougher to figure out what they are using. What plugins would you use if you wanted to recreate your tone with plugins?

To recreate our tones from the AxeFx you’d definitely want to have something like the LePou Legion vst with a darker cab sim or IR after. My usual go to is a bright amp with a dark cab to soften it.

#7 – Impulses are a huge part of what makes the Axefx tick and it’s a common ground between the AxeFx and plugins. Are there any developers you prefer over others and what are some of the specific impulses you enjoy most?

I actually haven’t used any third-party IRs with the Axe Fx yet! I should definitely try some considering everyone has told me to haha.

#8 – Many guys stopped touring with amps altogether in favor of the AxeFx or Kemper. Could you ever see the technology getting to the point where you’d consider touring with a laptop and plugins instead of an AxeFx?

If the technology was more reliable and sounded just as good I would absolutely love to try that out on tour. However I’d be worried our show computer would be overpowered and crash. So maybe not RIGHT now but maybe in the future.

#9 – We are always looking for new ways to process things. Outside of amp sims, can you tell us about some of the plugins you use for processing your guitar tone pre and post?

So I’m super lame and just use stock Logic plugins BUT you can still have fantastic results using stock resources. I run a clip distortion in front of my amp to act as a OD sim, I feel that is a warmer boost than the regular OD sims they have. For Post I always always have a compressor in the master chain that is based off of Analog Tape. I think in Logic the preset is called “Platinum Analog Tape,” and this just adds a light compression but a lot of warmth back into the mix and overall sound.

I have personally been a fan of Allegaeon from the first album but everyone here loves Michael and Greg’s phenomenal playing. In fact, even calling their guitar work phenomenal doesn’t do it justice. Allegaeon features two of the most incredible guitarists in music today.

The new Allegaeon album “Apoptosis” comes out in April on Metal Blade records with singles making their way around Spotify from now until then. Michael also endorses Kiesel Guitars, Planet Waves cables and D’addario strings!

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