Lancaster Audio (Rosen Digital) Impulses

The creators of the Rosen Digital libraries (Joe Quick & Chris Lucas) moved on to start their own company (3 Sigma Audio), Rosen Digital then changed their name to Lancaster Audio.


While the Rosen Digital name may be gone, all of the Rosen Digital products remain alive and well under the Lancaster Audio name. These are some truly amazing impulse responses folks, they really are but we do feel the need to mention the rebranding. It’s important because if you have any Rosen Digital branded products, you will want to make sure you cross reference them before purchasing Lancaster Audio branded impulses because they may be the same product. You can also cross reference the list HERE. If you still aren’t sure, fire a message to Lancaster before purchasing to confirm. That said, every single impulse response Lancaster Audio offers is a killer product. The Rosen Digital stuff should be a part of every collection.

The Rosen Digital libraries were made in a specific way that differs from the industry standard. It’s simplified but very effective so while you get fewer impulse responses than you would in the more elaborate libraries on the market. What they did here was condense their libraries for a quick and painless way to get great tone. So while you might think you are getting less, you really aren’t quality wise.

You can buy their impulses by the individual cabinet or buy them in multi-cab packs. Those packs are either grouped in a theme or an artist signature pack. They offer signature impulse packs and Kemper profiles from a number of big names.


  • Fire Custom
  • Ampg SVT
  • Mes Recto OS
  • Marsh 1960A
  • Revv 412
  • EV 5150 III


  • EV 5150 III
  • Revv 412
  • Sur 212
  • Pvy Triple X
  • Mjave 212
  • Gnz Bnz G-Flex 212


  • Ampeg
  • Bill Jenkins
  • Blackstar
  • Buddha
  • Carvin
  • Crate
  • Division 13
  • Egnater
  • Engl
  • Epiphany
  • EVH
  • Fender
  • Friedman
  • GK
  • Genz Benz
  • Jackson
  • Jet City
  • Laney
  • Marshall
  • Mesa Boogie
  • Orange
  • Paul Reed Smith
  • Peavey
  • Port City
  • Suhr
  • Sunn
  • SWR
  • VOX

Lancaster Audio has a great product line of impulses but they also have a killer freeimpulse loader and great Kemper profiles available. Like I said before, the Rosen Digital libraries are still alive and well under the Lancaster Audio name and they are some of the no BS best impulses ever created. Check the Lancaster Audio Impulse Response section to see what’s available!

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