We are proud to announce phase two of our quest. THE MODEST GUITARIST!!!

If you are like everyone here at HASR, you are on a pretty tight budget. You might also have no budget at all. Ever have something happen to your guitar that you couldn’t fix but didn’t have the money to pay a tech? Yep, us too and a lot of the time it happened on the road or onstage. We want to show you quick, durable and affordable ways to both mod and repair your guitars. No more will you have to budget $50 into every pickup purchase for the swap.

We will also show you how to get the most of your money online, at a pawn shop, from a private seller and anywhere else so you can go into every potential purchase knowing you aren’t going to get screwed over. In fact, we want to help you find the deals and if need be, turn a hidden gem into a guitar that plays like a guitar with 10 times the price.

The modest guitarist features will be 100% dedicated to the guitarist on a budget or at least guitarists that love getting every single bit out of every dollar they can have. We at HASR will always be dedicated to helping anyone and everyone sound as good as they can on their budget.

Site features to include:

  • DIY mods
  • DIY repairs
  • DIY setups
  • Deal hunting tips and warnings
  • Luthier and guitar tech interviews regarding easy and cheap mods/repairs
  • Resources and tips for all sorts of guitar and bass related problems
  • Quick guides for a variety of replacement parts
  • How to make any guitar play just the way you want

These features will start showing up shortly. You can expect a few in the coming week. You will burn yourself, probably swear a lot and maybe even pull your hair out a little but learning to do all of your own repairs, mods and setups is not that hard and it will save you tons of money.

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