The time has finally come!! We are so excited to release the Honest Amp Sim Reviews FREE pack number one. This will be the first of hopefully many packs of guitar and bass related freeware.

The main feature of free pack one is the PVAMPS: BLACK AMP COLLECTION which features 5 preamps designed for mid to hi-gain purposes and a little bit of a unique throw-in for some rock tones. These are not 1:1 replicas but instead preamps designed around quality reamp signals. You only need a simplistic eq to dial things in and achieve the basic tone. These preamps are 32-bit beta versions for WIN only.

Next, we knew we were missing a bluesy or clean option so AXP / SOFTAMP offered up the FM25 for the job. It’s a very cool amp that we reviewed right HERE. This addition ensures that there is something for most in here. AXP / SOFTAMP also included their Charbooster plugin. This is a very cool way to boost the preamps but it takes some getting used to so check out the manual when you give it a rip.

Impulse wise VALHALLIR gave us their permission to include their Teaser Box which is basically their sampler pack. It’s full of very high quality impulses and it will make you want a lot more of their great collection. We have also included the Catharsis, Benton and GuitarHacks impulses. We included these without permission but they have been readily available free for a decade. These are legendary free cabs that everyone should own. We will be adding a pack from Seacow cabs in a day or so.

We have included a manual for the black amp collection as well as a general guide for the freeware pack. Notably, you will need an impulse loader and we recommend you get a power amp plugin as well. Ignite Amps has both of those things for free but Lancaster Audio also has a free impulse loader. Ignite Amps TPA-1 power amp plugin is needed to truly add tube flavor to the preamps but if you are looking for a solid-state tone, you can go without it.

We hope you enjoy this pack. Feel free to share it with anyone and everyone and stay tuned because we will be announcing FREE PACK TWO in the next week or so. It’s going to be huge and the amp list is insane. We will also be using reamps from one of the highest quality reamping services on the planet. Stay tuned.

We have a paypal set up for donations for anyone that wishes to donate to the future of the page. We will always be completely ad free and that will never change. It’s going to be a huge year here, we can assure that. Donations can be sent to


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