Through all of our reviews we have been testing impulses from all developers. We also set aside a considerable amount of time to test impulses in every way possible while also testing a lot of impulses we had never heard before. It was a very exciting time for us but the whole time we struggled, argued and debated how we were going to score impulses. It’s not as easy as it seems, especially when every major developer has a ton of incredibly high quality products to offer. It became more about what made each company unique rather than scoring the quality.

We decided to do developer overviews that may read like a bio meets a profile. In these developer overviews we will cover the selection, top sellers, HASR favorites and overall quality across each developer’s product line.

We contacted each developer about the profiles and asked a few questions. We told them which of their products we owned and asked if they could recommend a selection that we could add to the review materials. We reviewed everything we could from every developer.

We are in the process of moving all the info for the profiles from their previous formats. The impulse profiles are going to be a different way of looking at things but we hope they will help everyone find the best impulses for their budget and needs.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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