This week at HASR!

It’s going to be a big week here at Honest amp sim reviews.

Feb 1st brings the release of our first freeware pack. This pack will include 6 preamps designed for us by PV amps, a fantastic amp and pedal plugins from AXP / softamp, over 60 impulses and more!!

Next we will be uploading the pedal plugin reviews as well as quick guides to help you navigate the field.

We will be reviewing the NEW Emissary and NadIR plugins from ignite amps as well so stay tuned for those!!

Our impulse reviews will be slightly delayed as we recently decided to change the format to more of a developer overview. We will be posting them as they become available.

Last we hope to debut a few of our new features this week as well our living shred column with Ben Wilshire.

Thanks to everyone for checking out the page, please do spread word to anyone you feel might enjoy it!

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