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Ignite Amp ProF.E.T.

The Ignite Amps ProF.E.T won the KVR Developer Challenge in 2018. The result is a very cool and unique plugin that can be used as a pedal but also used as a preamp.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0.0)


The Ignite Amps ProF.E.T won the KVR Developer Challenge in 2018. Winning the KVR DC is no small feat, it’s the Grammy’s or Oscar’s of freeware development. The result is a very cool and unique plugin that can be used as a pedal but also used as a preamp. We reviewed the plugin both as a pedal and an amp sim / preamp.


The GUI is awesome. Cool graphics and everything is laid out on one panel rather than having a back or bottom panel as Ignite Amps plugins have had in the past. I liked the old way but the new way looks solid and operates smoothly. There’s a fairly standard bunch of controls and a shape switch.

I have used the ProFET in front of amp sims and I will say that the amp needs to be clean or barely dirty for the best results for this application of the plugin. I really like using it with clean tones from higher gain amps. You really need to take the time to find the connecting point in the amp sim and pedal settings but you can really get some nice tones if you are patient.

My favorite use of the ProFET plugin is as a preamp. Let me tell you right now, using the ProFET as a preamp with the Ignite Amps TPA-1 or your choice of poweramp plugin. The TPA-1 is free but a suggestion would also be to try a variety of Thermionik amp sims with the preamp turned off in the options section. You can find a lot of different ways to color the ProFET tone with different tubes and power sections. Add your favorite cab loader and impulses and you are ready to rip.

The ProFET / TPA-1 set up provided some incredibly nice mid crunch to hi-gain tones. I switched between all the tube styles in the TPA-1 to try a few different feels and all of them sounded really good. I topped it off with my impulse loader loaded with a number of 412 and 212 impulses from Seacow, Valhallir and ChopTones with great results but really, the set up sounds good with a large selection of impulses. Try your favorites!

I boosted the ProFET in it’s preamp form with both Ignite Amps tube screamers as well as Cytomic’s “the Scream” and Brainworx Green Screamer for even better and tighter results. You might think “wait… are you boosting a distortion pedal?” and while it might seem like it, remember, in this instance, the ProFET is being used as a preamp rather than out front of an amp. It IS the amp.

The “shape” switch basically adds a nice mid punch but with the switch off, the scooped sound came very naturally. When I tried some impulses that had somewhat of a scooped sound to them, they worked out nicely but I also got some great tones by using the ProFET with the shape switch off and a blend of mid voiced impulses. There’s a ton you can do inside this compact little rig.


If you use this pedal / preamp plugin as recommended, you will not be let down at all. There’s also a brand new version of the ProFET coming in an update soon so be on the look out for it on the Ignite Amps facebook page.

This is yet another piece of gear from Ignite Amps that causes me to ask yet again “how is this free?”. Find out for yourself asap. Get ALL of the Ignite plugins while you are grabbing this one because they are all fantastic.

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