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Ignite Amps TSB-1

Many high quality tube screamer and boost plugins exist and a lot of them are free as well - but this one right here is my personal top of the heap for free TS plugins

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0.1)


Ignite Amps offers a selection of very high quality guitar and bass plugins for $0.00 that everyone should have in their inventory. The TSB-1 is a very cool tube screamer plugin designed for metal and inspired but an 808.


The Tyrant Screamer looks cool and the GUI is simplistic but effective. You have the front panel with your standard controls and then there’s an arrow that takes the view to the bottom of the pedal. The bottom panel features the oversampling and a couple level controls. The front offers standard TS controls with the addition of a sweep knob and an additional boost button.

Ignite Amps are metal lovers and their plugins always provide the ability to create sonic destruction with a high level of quality. The TSB-1 does just that but it does a lot more. I have used it with several really high quality clean tones to add just a nice hint of bite and in the same situation, when I hit the additional boost, it can really add a nice bit of extra punch.

For mid gain uses, I love the TSB most with Marshall and Mesa amp sims. Classic rock to skate punk tones can all be nicely enhanced by the Tyrant Screamer. Whether it’s a fat wall of rhythm or a tighter crunchier tone to fit a mix, the TSB-1 can add the right touch.

Now we get to the TSB-1’s hi-gain and metal abilities. It doesn’t matter what kind of metal we are talking about and it’s never mattered which hi-gain amp sim, the Tyrant Screamer does it’s job well. The values across the controls on the TSB-1 really help to bring out the best in most amp sims at hi-gain while still retaining clarity and great note response. It always seems to hit the right spots.


It’s free, it excels in every way and it can be yours right now. Ignite Amps have released a lot of really fantastic free plugins that some may think are designed only for metal and hi-gain genres/applications. No matter what style or genre you play, we strongly suggest you download everything Ignite Amps have to offer. The TSB-1 for example can be used nicely for really any TS/boost use.

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