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Valhallir – Andreas Gammauf interview

#1 – Give us some history on how Valhallir got started as well as how the company has grown over the years?

We started on the 1st of December in 2016 with 12 different cab packs, which has grown to more than 28 cab packs…and still growing.

We are 3 guys, we all play in our own bands and love guitar cabs – and we are still good friends (that’s most important)

#2 – Which of your products do you feel really broke ground for Valhallir?

I think, it’s the way we capture our IR:s. Our method is really sucking out EVERY sweet spot out of a speaker. And the mikes we use are different ones to competitors. We also have the “usual suspects” but rely more on microphones, that the others don’t use.

#3 – Your FREE teaser box impulse pack is an incredible way to get to know your product line. It’s the largest and most versatile free pack offered by any paid developer. Why don’t you think we see more packs like this from other developers?

The free teaser pack is still a risky thing, because we did not just add some Irs, we added a real good selection of some the cab packs…there are hundreds of users who say “Why should I buy additional Irs…this pack gives me everything I need!”…But fortunately there are many out there, who want “more” or go into special mic-positions.

#4 – The impulse market is pretty competitive these days and yet most developers have their own way of doing things. Can you explain the Valhallir way and what you feel sets you apart from the pack?

It’s our (well hidden secret) way of capturing the sweet spots and the use of special microphones like the SM7-B (I love it), the sE4400 (best condenser for guitar cabs) or the VR1 ribbon mike , or the sensational D-202, that lifts us from the others.

#5 – It’s impossible not to notice the Devin Townsend (Devin Townsend band, Steve Vai & Strapping Young Lad) endorsement on your website. Devin is well known for having very high needs and expectations for audio production. How did this come to pass?

Tom (our “tech chief” and developer of the sweet-spot-capturing method) had to do with Devin, because Devin is also a user of sE Electronics microphones (THE upcoming superstars, imho, when it comes to professional, but still affordable mikes) And as a Fractal-User, Devin’s guitar tech just tried a selection of our Irs. The rest is history. Devin get’s no money for this. Just like our other endorsers. They help us with their names, because they just love our stuff….

#6 – Many impulse developers are doing signature series impulse packs, could there be something like that coming from Valhallir?

We already have to “Signature-Packs” from Austrian musicians. It’s the CS-Series (Conrad Schrenk, a well known Austrian pro-guitarist) and the NL-Series (Norbert Leitner is an Austrian Metal Producer and also a good guitarist) We had that in mind with some other musicians, but it ended with them using one of our standard packs, because “My cabs don’t sound that good like the ones you have captured, so I don’t use them anymore”

#7 – What are your top 5 personal favorite Valhallir packs for personal use?

Oh..that’s easy. I just love the MB-1992 Mesa, the MF-280 Marshall Mode4 and my personal DIY-cab “Wolverine Custom 2×12”. The Fryette is also a great cab for Metal, and for Cleans you have to try the 59′ CL-Leo or the VX-Thirty, based on a 1962 Vox AC30 ….oh, more than 5 packs, but I’m still not finished .. Did I mention the 1971 Orange or the 1968 Greenback loaded Marshall???? Toooo many to mention…

#8 – Tell us about some of your favorite amp sims to use with your products? Or maybe some of the sims you enjoy most for testing products?

I don’t really do much with amp sims, but I really liked the sound of the Scuffham plugin, also the Engl-based UAD simulations. But 99 % of everything I do with guitars comes out of my Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL. My favorite amps are the Engl Savage 120 and the Marshall JMP-1 Preamp, btw….there are many great simulations on many platforms from both of them.

#9 – 2019 seems like it’s going to be a very big year for guitar and bass related software, what can you tell us about Valhallir’s plans for 2019?

Oh..we have sooo many cab packs still waiting for the “end-processing” that will come out in 2019….just stay tuned….you all gonna love them!

Andreas and Valhallir have been great to HASR and they have been a pleasure to deal with. They really do have one of the most unique and high quality product selections out there. They think outside the box with stuff like custom made cabs which I really enjoy.

Check out everything they have and be sure to download their free teaser box of high quality cabs at asap.

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