When we planned HASR, we scheduled all of our product reviews but we neglected to schedule double to triple the amount of time for the full amp suite products like Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Helix Native and the plugins like them. As a result, the reviews were light and we are now adding to those reviews based on a lot more time spent with the plugins. Amplitube has already been revised with the rest not far behind.

Nothing has changed in the top of the ranks however. Line 6 Helix Native still tops the full amp suite mountain without question for tone quality but Blue Cat Axiom, Hotone’s Vstomp amp and others also make a strong case for being great sounding plugins.

Many people wrote us or commented on forum posts when it came to Amplitube and the Positive Grid products. Amplitube 4 is still a really fun but still average sounding plugin and no amount of reviewing will change that however the score was increased due to the global cabinet bypass and the addition of our own loader and impulses. If you feel Amplitube is a professional quality plugin, so be it but we feel it’s merely recreational in quality.

The Positive Grid plugins will not be further reviewed or updated. The scores were already reviewed and raised once and that is simply all the time we will be putting towards those plugins. We will not defend our stance on below average sounding plugins but our opinion also shouldn’t hinder your enjoyment of the PG plugins either. If you like something, that’s all that matters.

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