Free amp time!! PVAmps Heavy 4950

It’s a wee bit late but here she is! Please note, we aren’t claiming this is high quality stuff here. It’s a prototype preamp that we simply wanted all of you to have a go at. You can think of yourselves as beta testers.

The Heavy 4950 is an amp sim made by Vadim Taranov of PVAmps. It’s based on the lead channel of a Peavey 6505. You will need an impulse loader and impulses to give it a go. You should also head over to KVR to grab the Ignite Amps TPA-1 power amp to run in your signal chain between the amp sim and your impulse loader. There’s a back panel on the TPA-1 where you can decide what kind of tubes you’d prefer with the Heavy 4950 but I prefer the EL34’s because it sounds like a 6534 to me like that. Have some fun with it!!

If you need a loader, you’ll find a free one along with a ton of other great freeware at Ignite Amps KVR page. If you need impulses, you should really head over to Seacow Cabs to grab all his awesome free impulses. We recommend the EVH 5150 III cab with the Heavy 4950.

Please do let us know what you think! You can contact us via email or our Facebook or contact Vadim via his blog or his Facebook page. Everything is linked!

Download it here: PVAmps Heavy 4950

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