Where’s all the djent?

We have had a few emails with questions and comments about djent and it’s absolutely worth addressing so here we go.

Djent is a very popular genre these days and when we were doing our research before starting this venture, we noticed that there was a very heavy emphasis being put on djent and modern metal everywhere we looked. We felt the need to try and promote the other 99.9% of genres/styles and guitar tones a little more. We also wanted to see what else the gear being pigeonholed as gear for djent and modern metal could do in other areas since many demos only feature a small % of the plugin’s capabilities.

We know how to create djent tones and we will note in reviews when a plugin is good for the genre but outside of that along with a very basic tone tutorial, there won’t be a lot of coverage here on djent. Why? Because you can throw a rock in any direction in the online world and come across 500 different djent tutorials that take you to roughly the same place tone wise. Why waste our time when there’s already 10,000 djent tone videos out there?

We aren’t trying to turn anyone away or discriminate at all. All we are saying is that there’s already a huge world of resources out there for those looking for djent tones and gear. You just have to figure out which Youtubers and bloggers know their stuff and which are just pretending. The truth is always in the tone.


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