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We are very proud to announce the HASR FREEWARE PACK!! fueled by PV amps!

Feb 1st we will be putting a pack of gear on our page that will be available for free to anyone and everyone!

Are we trying to change the game? Are we aiming a conquest of the freeware realm?!!… Nope, we just want to give you all some fun free stuff to shred on. These amps sound really good but the idea here is just to help provide some more freeware to the masses.

The pack will include 5 amps and over 50 impulses!!! ALL FREE!!!


AMPS: NOTE: All amps are 32-bit but will work great bridged into 64. All amps are working beta versions that will be updated from time to time. All AMPS are PC ONLY but the impulses are for use on any system. All amps created by Vadim Taranov at PV amps

KRUNKENSTEIN – preamp inspired by the Krank Krankenstein

PIG SNOUT – preamp inspired by the Pignose G40V (before you ask why? Try it with a 412 cab)

TASTY#34 – full amp inspired by a Marshall JCM w/#34 mod

NSB – preamp inspired by a rare prototype amp (5150/Dumble mix)

PV530 – preamp inspired by the Engl E530


VALHALLIR TEASER BOX – used with permission

SEACOW CABS PACK – used with permission

HASR PACK – includes: Catharsis, Guitar Hacks & Fredman impulses

Your own cabinet loader will be required, we recommend FREE options like Pulse from Lancaster audio or NadIR from Ignite amps if you don’t already have one.

You might have noticed that 4 of the 5 are just preamps but either you can use them on their own for a solid state type tone or add the wonderfully designed TPA-1 poweramp sim from Ignite Amps for EL34, 6L6 and KT88 tube options.

This will also be the beginning of soundclips and videos on HASR. We will be testing a variety of ways to post soundclips and videos and these products are a low pressure way to get things into shape.

More info soon!!

We would like to thank Vadim Taranov, PV amps, ValhallIR and It Might Get Loud Productions for their help and support!!

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