We want to hear from all of you on a great many topics so head over to our facebook! We are going to fine tune the set up for discussions.

One main feature on our facebook will be completely random signal chains that we come up with outside of our tone tutorials page. In turn we also want you to post your signal chains in our visitor area. It would be very cool to be able to discuss new gear, your favorite gear, most trusted impulses and everything else. We want to hear from you about the page and whether or not you are enjoying it. How can we change things up to make it better? Let us know.

This weekend to promote the discussion on our facebook, we will be putting up a number of posts. If you share any one of those posts, you are instantly entered to win STL Tones Tonality. Tonality is our editor’s choice for top amp sim of 2019. You could have it FREE, just share one of our posts. That’s it 🙂

Not many people in there right now but you have to start somewhere so let’s do that!


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