When we set out to review everything on the market, we decided that any plugin with only a 32-bit option was not going to be reviewed. The way we saw it was if a developer hadn’t made at least a 64-bit option, the plugin must have been sort of pushed aside and therefor not worth our time with everything else we had to review.

We are however going to make an exception for great developers like Vadim Taranov, Frankenline Productions and others working in a program called Flowstone Graphical Programming software. DSP Robotics; the developers of Flowstone, have not yet given their users the ability to create anything above 32-bit stuff.

The reason we are making an exception here is because both Vadim and Frankenline are constantly active in making extremely high quality FREE amps. Check them both out and please donate where possible. Vadim has a very large collection of amazing freeware. You will just have to run the software in bridged mode and the CPU might get hit a little harder by the amps as a result.

We are willing to make exceptions for any and all developers working in Flowstone / DSP robotics as long as they are actively creating and updating. It makes no sense to hide some of the best freeware on the market for no reason. However, since many of the products are in various beta stages and so on, the reviews are going to be even further simplified from our usual formula.

LINK – Vadim / PV amps
LINK – Frankenline Productions

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