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Audiority Blue Face

The market has a billion tube screamer plugins but not nearly enough of every other kind of drive/distortion pedal plugin.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)


Fuzz and muff pedals are slowly starting to come out a little more often and Audiority decided to take a stab at a few classics. This one is the Blue Face which is modeled from the famous Arbiter Fuzz Face. It happens to be a favorite of mine so I was pumped for this review.


Every single Audiority plugin looks awesome so it’s not a surprise that this one is no different at all. It looks completely realistic which I really appreciate. No question, it’s a great looking plugin.

Boy do I love the fuzz face pedal and immediately, the sound of this pedal put a big grin on my face. I didn’t even bother with a logical starting point, instead I did what I always did when I owned the real thing and turned the two knobs to the right until they stopped turning.

I used the blue face with a variety of amps. I used the Brainworx Chandler GAV19T, the Waves PRS Blue Sierra, Lepou hybrit, Brainworx megasingle, Thermionik Marshland 800 and the Mercuriall Spark all with incredible results. The tones from the Blue Face are very convincing. I would not be able to tell between this and the real thing side by side.

Dial up a little more amp gain, add a gate and I am in Doomsville with a wall of saturated and sleazy sounding gain. It sounded like a musical bulldozer. It really does sound realistic and detailed.


The Blue Face worked nicely on bass when we tried it out. In the Stoner/Doom family of genres, fuzz is often used on the bass as well and this plugin worked nicely to create a thick bass tone.


I have nothing but big ups for this pedal. You can buy it on it’s own or in a package with the BIG GOAT and DISTORTION 1. Every pedal in the pack is a fantastic offering. Hit this link, buy the pack and you won’t regret it.

See more – official Audiority demo

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