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Audiority Big Goat

Audiority have a great three-pack of pedal plugins called Pedalboard Distortions. One of the inclusions is the Big Goat.

Rating: 5 / 5

Rating: 7.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)


The Big Goat is a pedal plugin modeled from what seems to be an Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi V2 also known as “the Ram’s head” model. This version of the Big Muff is one of the most popular to this day and not just because it’s a vintage pedal but because it’s always delivered great tone.

The Big Muff tone is unmistakable and with their reputation for high quality plugins, I jumped on the three-pack quickly after learning about it.


The Big Goat looks great. It really looks like the real deal with the textures in the graphics. Everything is simply laid out and though it is only a three knob pedal, the controls have so much value that Audiority was able to offer presets as a result.

When used on a clean or only slightly dirty tone, it’s really quiet even with the levels dimed. Hit the strings and you get a warm wall of thick driven sustain but when you mute the strings, it doesn’t need a gate. Even as I increased the amp’s drive, it stayed quiet until I hit about half way. I really appreciate a quiet pedal plugin like I do a quiet pedal because even with a gate, a noisy component can trash a whole signal chain.

I really enjoyed trying the Big Goat with a number of amps. I have always found muff pedals sounded best with British amps. I tried every Marshall, Park, Orange and VOX inspired plugin I had as well as really any amp sim I felt might work out. I had a large number of amps in the Thermionik plugin collection work nicely with the Big Goat in addition to the Mercuriall Audio Spark and the Black Rooster Cypress.

The authenticity is always an important factor going into reviews for products that are putting themselves out there as being accurate representations of specific gear. In this case even more so because it involves a pedal I really enjoy. Audiority nailed this pedal and it is in fact very realistic sounding.


Being that the stoner/doom tones are based around certain pedals, the amps really just bring their flavor to the pedal. In genres where the pedal is sort of the bulk of the tone, having a good pedal plugin is obviously key and the Big Goat is just that.

Most full amp suites carry fuzz and muff offerings but outside of those, the list of fuzz and muff pedal plugins is not a long one. None the less, the Big Goat was the unanimous winner for best muff plugin going right now.

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