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TSE Audio BOD 2.0

TSE has built their name on high quality freeware products. All of these freeware products have been updated very nicely and as such have all stood the test of time.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 3.0)


TSE has been providing quality software for a long time. While the company’s current flagship is a paid plugin, TSE has built their name on high quality freeware products. All of these freeware products have been updated very nicely and as such have all stood the test of time. I have been using the BOD plugin for years and for a while it was all I had and all I wanted for bass in my plugins.

The SansAmp Bass Driver DI is one of the most reliable products ever invented for bass guitar. It’s a piece of gear that’s been used by a large percentage of bass players since it’s inception in the mid 90s. I have seen guys use it in front of a mountain of bass amps and I have also seen more than a few bass players show up to gigs or even tour with only the Bass Driver DI. The BOD carries the same reliability into the plugin realm.


The BOD had an update that really improved the graphics. If you still have your old BOD v1 kicking around, make sure you download the new version of it. The updated graphics look really crisp and it really does look like the first Bass Driver a lot. The layout is simple while giving you everything you need in front of you.

The uses for the BOD are many. First you can use it in front of an amp as a driver. It worked really nicely in front of literally every bass amp sim that we reviewed. Next you can use it all on it’s own as almost the amp itself. The last way we tried it was as a preamp. We added a power amp plugin or a tube emulation plugin after the BOD in the chain followed by an impulse loader with various impulses. No matter how we tried using it, the results were above average.

The BOD allows you to actually dime knobs without fear of introducing unwanted noise, this comes in handy when you are really looking to drive your bass tone. The plugin’s controls all have a lot of value which makes it just that much more versatile but on basses with onboard active EQs and pickup blending controls you just have that many more tone options. The presence is really useful on this plugin, you can have things cut like a razor blade or dial it back to your taste.

Feel free to throw boost, distortion and fuzz plugins out in front if you are looking for even further aggressive tones. I found some really cool tones with the Kuassa Efektor Fuzz, AXP charbooster and Audiority Big Goat. Just watch the drive, treble and presence contols on the BOD when adding anything in front of it.

The BOD plugin can be used in so many ways. Use it all by itself, put it in front of another amp sim, as a preamp with or without an impulse loader / IRs, add a power amp if you like and really anywhere else needed. It’s a truly great tool to have.


The BOD is simple, effective and most notably, completely FREE. The CPU is microscopic, it’s extremely versatile and as I mentioned earlier, very reliable for seemingly any bass need.

I have personally used it for every genre under the sun and it has never given me a hard time at all. I strongly suggest everyone go out and get this plugin to add to your bass tool kit.

Hear it in action:

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