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Softube Bass Amp Room

This plugin came out somewhere around 2009 if my research is correct. I grabbed it a couple of years ago but I hadn’t used it much until this review came along. Sometimes plugins just get forgotten for other plugins.
Version reviewed2.4
Score: 3/5
Score: 3 / 5


Bass Amp Room features one amp, three cabs and a few onboard tools for tone shaping and such. The product description says the plugin was modeled from an amp made in the 70s that was designed for guitar but ended up being a hit with bass players. For the life of me, I can’t think of what amp that might be apart from maybe an old SVT but nonetheless, Bass Amp Room is better suited for vintage bass purposes in my opinion.


Right away, I don’t care for the graphics or the way everything is laid out almost vertically. The way you switch cabinets is a bit clunky but the mic placement is decent. You can tell this plugin is older by the looks alone but the looks of older plugins can be deceiving. The DI blend feature is nice to have and it works pretty well. Softube also included a bypass for both the amp and cab sections.

If it’s a vintage tone you are after, keep reading but if you are after a modern bass tone, look elsewhere. I was able to get some pretty decent bass tones for 60’s and 70’s type bass tones but when I tried to do anything modern with it, Bass Amp Room just didn’t pull through the experience well. The product link says a lot of stuff about being able to drive the amp but the tones don’t indicate the same.

The plugin provides 8×10, 412 and 112 options and I didn’t really care for any of them. When I bypassed the internal cabs for my own loader and selection, I fished some pretty decent tones for classic/vintage/retro uses but again, the amp degraded and thinned out when driven.

I tried a couple boosts but it was clear that boosting or driving Bass Amp Room is taking the plugin out of it’s comfort zone.


As I said, if your goal is a sort of thunky 70s bass tone, I would say this might get you there but overall, I just can’t really give a whole lot of recommendations for Bass Amp Room. Softube released the terrific Eden bass plugin so I question why this plugin is still being sold because it really is quite dated. That said, the plugin does hold some value for those trying to achieve a specific sound but the same tones could be replicated in better ways.

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