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Kazrog Amped Bass (discontinued)

The Ampeg SVT series could be the most popular bass amps in the history of bass guitar and there are many plugins on the market. How does the one from Kazrog stack up?
Recommended retail price(part of Thermionik suite)
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Amped Bass is part of the now discontinued Kazrog Thermionik plugin suite

Score: – / 5



As the guy reviewing all of the bass amp gear for HASR, I was given the green light to update/re-do this review. I have spent a lot of money on Ampeg gear over the years and there’s a ton of Ampeg bass plugin on the market.

The SVT series could be the most popular bass amps in the history of bass guitar. Many different models carry the SVT name and most of them are very high quality amps. Kazrog doesn’t specify a specific SVT in the model list but by the sound of things, it’s an SVT classic to my ears.

My favorite bass ever for Ampeg amps is a Fender Precision bass so I used mine for most of the review. For heavier testing I use an Ibanez SR650 for every review. The Ampeg and the P-bass really are magic together. I played in a bunch of punk and rock bands where I used an SVT Classic, 410 cab and P-bass with a Sansamp DI. I used that set up for probably 7-8 years and hundreds of shows.


I recreated my old signal chain with plugins for this review and I have to say, it wasn’t quite there but it had all of the best characteristics. The Amped bass plugin features the ultra HI and ultra LOW switches that many Ampeg users use to enhance their tones. The switches are done pretty well and add most of the same attributes. The realism is hard to really judge because I don’t know specifically which SVT this plugin is based on but it does carry a lot of the signature Ampeg traits.

For the gain, turning it up just degraded the tone for me, it doesn’t respond like a real Ampeg gain control. The best results came when I turned the gain control just until the edge of signal break up but beyond that, it wasn’t usable for me. When I am trying for a truly aggressive bass tone, I will normally go for my fuzz pedals. I added the Audiority Big Goat and the Kazrog Ram fuzz to create great sounds for death metal, thrash, djent, punk and really just anything I would need heavy bass for. In stoner/doom, the bass requires fuzz to fill out the tone since the guitars only carry so much low end. I was able to do all of this with the Amped Bass plugin.

I used all and only Ampeg impulses for this one. Thermionik plugins don’t have an internal loader so you need to add your own. I rely on the Ownhammer AMPG BASS impulse collection for impulses and that worked out well for this review. Every 410, 412, 810 and 115 option or combo I tried sounded really good to me.


I really enjoyed this plugin, it delivers enough realism and quality to be a great part of what is one of the greatest collection of amp sims available on today’s market. With a little processing, this one can sound like a mountain if you need it to but it can also provide that punchy little pocket of bass for genres that require something tighter.