We are making up a FAQ section but occasionally, we will answer some reader emails on the page.

#1 – “How do you sh*t all over Positive Grid software but give sh*tty plugs good scores? You are a f*cking idiot and your page blows”

Thank you for being so specific in your critique of our page. We appreciate the constructive criticism. Have a nice day!


#2 – “I bought a few plugins based on your recommendations and I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t agree with some of your scoring but you also might not agree with some of mine.”

We are happy you got some use out of the page. Our reviews aren’t Gospel, we are just another resource in a world of seemingly endless resources. If you feel we got a review wrong, email us and let us know what you feel we missed. The page is constantly being updated and in the new year we will be routinely going back to products to update reviews when needed. We hope you will come back again.


#3 – “Why does anyone care if your Dad likes a plugin?”

One of our reviewers had the idea to include his dad’s opinions on some of the more vintage amp sims in hopes that maybe it would bring a new demographic of users to amp sims. It’s also a way for sons out there to maybe use the idea to get their fathers into amp sims as well. I guess one could also use “dad approved” in our search bar to locate amp sims that aim for nice vintage tones. I gave the feature the green light because I think it adds to the page.


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