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Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion

UsesRhythm, Lead, Crunch, Clean
Version reviewed1.1.3
Score: 3/5
Score: 3 / 5


Kuassa have been in the plugin game a long time. They have put out and given away some terrific plugins over the years. They have always made sure their plugins are priced affordably and made with quality.

I bought Amplifikation Vermillion to chase country and chicken pickin’ tones. I posted on a forum asking for recommendations on country plugins and this came highly recommended. It does the country job but you get a lot more with this plugin.

Amplifikation Vermillion includes three amps with two channels a piece, a nice selection of impulses, a tremolo effect, a gate and more. The plugin was only $20 when I bought it and it’s probably even cheaper now.


Amplifikation Vermillion looks like a classy vintage 212 combo. The graphics are crisp and the layout makes it easy to navigate your way around the plugin quickly. It’s always points from me if the layout promotes a good workflow. Kuassa’s plugins are always laid out nicely.


I am told amp A is based on a vintage type design similar to a modded ’59 Bassman. The clean tone you get immediately is warm and bright. I love when the first tone you are greeted with is a good one. It sets the experience in the right direction.

The clean tone as mentioned is warm, bright and it has a really nice sheen to it. It makes chords sound huge and it gives blues licks loads of sustain. I also boosted this channel and got results that I immediately used on a blues song I was mixing. Adding just a tiny bit of grit to the clean really goes a long way. I strongly advise boosting all three clean channels featured in this plugin.

Kick on the OD channel for amp A and again, I am greeted with a really great starting point tone. I found this channel immediately useful as well and I hadn’t even added EQ yet. This could be my favorite channel in Amplifikation Vermillion because for rhythm or lead purposes, boosted or raw, it just has a great sound. When I did boost it, I used Audified’s Multi-Drive Pedal Pro’s assortment of awesome pedals to get even more use out of the the OD channel. I would just leave the gain at 5 or under if you want to maintain the crunch. I like this channel a lot for punk, blues and hard rock.


Kuassa tells me this amp was based on an old VOX amp but that said amp is not an AC30. I found this amp to be pretty limited in the things that can be done capably with it. It’s a bit thin but it’s also supposed to be inspired by a very small amp so maybe that’s the goal. Whether clean or OD, I didn’t find this to be the best amp of the three included. It’s not a bad amp but it’s not one of the plugin’s strengths. Leave the drive on both channels of this amp lower for better results.


Finally I got to the reason I bought the plugin in the first place and even though I like amp A a lot, amp C is where it shines brightest for me. The amp is based on a Roland Jazz Chorus which is an amp that has been whiffed on more than once in plugin form over the years but this is one is not a miss at all. Amp C is a sweet, twangy, full bodied clean tone that can be shaped in a number of ways. I got some very detailed country, blues and southern rock tones before spending about an hour perfecting a nice jazz tone. This is one hell of a clean channel.

This is where things took an odd turn. Once in a while, I get a shock during the review process. In this case it happened when I switched Amp C to the OD channel and decided to add the Kuassa Efektor FZ on the “trans” setting. All of the sudden I was up to my waist in stoner/doom sludge. Wtf? I didn’t see this one coming at all and when I hit the neck pickup and used my own 412 impulses, the experience was enhanced even further.

For this review I had Kuassa’s whole library of Efektor plugins loaded up. I boosted successfully with the Efektor OD which created lead tones with serious attack and sustain. All of the amps and channels boosted nicely without a lot of work and finding boost pedals that matched up was not an issue either. Use whatever you like on amps A or C but amp B can be a bit more difficult to find a match for.

The selection of impulses included with Amplifikation Vermillion is modest but useful however I found more success with my own loader and impulses. The sim sounded great with 112, 212, 210, 410 and 412 options. Amps A and C were not hard at all to find a ton of nice impulse matches for so try em’ all.


Amps A and C have a ton of quality and use for me. I have used Amplifikation Vermillion on two country EPs and a blues Christmas album. This plugin also sounds great with a telecaster and so, I needed to go to an additional source for a little more research.


My Dad sat with this one for a while. He mostly played country classics but what can I say, the old buzzard can chicken pick better in his sleep than I can on my best day so I just sat and tweaked as he shredded his way around the neck. After he yelled things like “this doesn’t displease me” and “your posture is awful”, we had nailed down a handful of really nice vintage tones. He enjoyed himself and the plugin sounded better with him playing on it.

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