ALL FIXED + Contest details

We spent a few days going over every page on the site here. I am really not sure what happened but a bunch of pages published before they were completed. We had a bunch of pages that were posted even though they were still being edited. We are still getting to know WordPress and while are truly embarrassed for the colossal mistake, that’s how lessons are learned right?

We have updated a ton of the reviews as scores and while we may not be polished scholars, we trust you’ll be able to read the reviews just fine now. At this point we can now go back to editing the remaining reviews and features to be posted between now and Jan 1st.

Our first prize hunt goes live at midnight EST on Jan 1st. We realize that more than a few people will be intoxicated in some regard so that should make for some interesting results. Three hints and three prizes will be going up day one, let’s have some fun!!

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