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Kuassa Amplifikation Lite

UsesRhythm, Lead, Crunch, Clean
Version reviewed1.1.3
Score: 2/5
Score: 2 / 5


This one is a classic that has been around for ages. This was the first Kuassa plugin I tried and I don’t think I am alone in that boat. I actually know a guy that still uses this plugin religiously and it has become kind of part of his “signature tone”. He makes it work for him, that’s for sure.

Amplifikation Lite is a three channel freeware amp that comes with a built in impulse loader. It’s had a few updates over the years but essentially, this plugin is on the senior circuit.


It looks pretty dated but the layout holds up. The controls have value and there’s an easy bypass for the onboard impulse loader. It’s also a good sim for beginners as well because it’s free and really easy to use.

It kind of seems like the three channels in Amplifikation Lite are actually different amps altogether. I notice a very noticeable change in tone characteristics between all three channels. I want to say it’s a Fender clean, Marshall crunch and 5150 lead but I could be way off on that.

The clean channel is crisp and can be pretty versatile depending on the pickups you are using and if there’s a boost or not. It can do the majority of things you could need from a modern clean channel or with a boost and the right impulse, it can sound vintage. The rhythm crunch channel sounds like a British amp in my opinion. The crunch is really easy to work into a lot of different genres seamlessly and the lead channel can give you some reasonable metal tones.

Amplifikation Lite is really friendly with both boost pedals and impulses. For this session I was using all of the Kuassa Efektor plugins. Amp Lite took to a lot of the boosts, fuzz and muff pedals I tried. I spent a good while trying impulses but nothing beat the EVH 412 Stealth from 3 Sigma Audio.

Watch your highs and mids as well as the settings on whatever boost you use. Amplifikation lite can get a little thin and shrill if you add too much.


I have spent years recommending this plugin to people as an easy way to get started with amp sims and as a result, I have had to spend some time with the plugin. I have never found it to be incredible but I have always found it to be free, easy to use, reliable and passable. If you know anyone thinking about getting into amp sims, this is a great start because there’s nothing to do but open it and play. It also provides reasonable enough tones to not turn people off the tech.

I think Kuassa should consider Amplifikation Lite 2 because this plugin is getting a little old and yet is was so handy and helpful to a lot of users over the years. Having a new Lite amp with Kuassa quality would be pretty cool.

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