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Kuassa Amplifikation One

Uses Unlimited
Version reviewed1.2.6
Score: 2/5
Score: 2 / 5


Kuassa has been around for a while and Amplifikation One was once upon a time their flagship amp sim. It’s a full amp suite that was originally released in 2010. The package includes 8 amps, 5 pedals, a small selection of impulses and number of other features that seem modest now but it was once quite a quality and versatile plugin.

I put a lot of time into this one in hopes I could find enough to carry this one through another year or so but I am afraid that wasn’t the case.


The graphics are outdated forsure, the layout is simplistic but still effective. I had a student that used this software effectively at only 10 years old so ease of use is something Kuassa has always put time into.

The amps range from clean focused to hi-gain as you’d normally find in a full suite. They are for the most part just average sounding with a few that maybe make the cut by a nose. None of the tones are what I would call horrible but it’s clear as I go through the plugin for the first time in ages that it’s just not up to the industry average quality.

The amp controls have value and with some processing you can get some usable clean and crunch tones but nothing that really stands up to the other full amp suites on the market. I can’t really say if any of the amps are based from anything specific but there are some nice qualities throughout the amps. Problem is the plugin is generally kind of thin.

You get a selection of boost and distortion plugins inside Amplifikation One. They aren’t bad but I just didn’t really find any tones with or without boosts that I could say I’d use for recording.


It’s not pricey by any means but I really can’t say Amplifikation One has held up. It really hasn’t been updated a lot and I don’t really think Kuassa is actively marketing the plugin anymore. It’s still for sale so we reviewed it and while I hate to say anything overly negative about anyone’s hard work, they should consider giving it an update or perhaps offer it free with Amplifikation Lite.

Kuassa have since gone on to create some really terrific plugins, I would really like to see Amplifikation Two become a reality some day.

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