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Audified Multi-Drive Pedal Pro

This plugin is all and only drive, fuzz, muff and distortion pedals. And it's one of the best plugins I have ever used.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0.2)


I had the first Multi-drive pedal plugin from Audified and it was very handy. It had really nice tones that made up for the sort of boxy looks. It was a very underrated plugin in my opinion. When I found out Audified had done another, I was very excited. When I saw what the graphics looked like, I was drooling.

This plugin is a pile of only drive, fuzz, muff and distortion pedals in one convenient plugin.


The GUI looks crisp and detailed. Somewhere along the line, Audified took their graphics to another level and this plugin looks great. It’s easy to use for any level of plugin user.

The tones you get from pedal to pedal are warm and detailed. I have owned almost all of the pedals modeled in MDPP and a lot of the signature tone traits are pretty nicely represented. The way they dial in also feels pretty great overall. You can’t listen to these pedals without hearing the hard work that went into them.

It doesn’t matter what amp sim I use these in front of or what tone I am going for, these pedals do their job effectively. The tube screamers are incredible for so many uses. From modern metal to country, I love a good TS/boost and these do their job well. I did find that a few knobs responded a little strangely to being turned all the way up. Little spikes and jumps in the sound but nothing lasting.

The distortions and overdrive pedals are pretty damn solid. The only one that was off was the metal zone. The old MZ takes a lot of crap in hardware form but regardless, it’s not a simple circuit to model and this one just wasn’t there for me. I did however love the blues driver. I have spent hours with the blues driver part of the plugin with as many Fender-inspired amp sims that I could.

The Fuzzy side of the plugin can create some great stoner / doom tones and vintage fuzz rock leads. Switch over to the neck pickup, crank things up and drone, sludge or doom your way to hell and back. It’s hard to say how realistic they are considering fuzz pedals can really depend on the amp they are driving. However, I’ll say they both help to create tones that would fool many tone enthusiasts.

With some of these pedals, it’s hard to factor in the realism because I’m not sure exactly what models some of the pedals are based on. However, all of the pedals provided a lot of the signature tone traits the pedals are known for.


This plugin is easy and a whole lot of fun to use. MDPP provides a really nice selection of some truly legendary stomps. It’s a one stop shop for driven tones of really any type and it’s a great tool for tone chasing of any type.

I would love to see future expansions for this product. Audified have a great handle on pedal plugins and it’s going to be great to see what else they come up with for guitarists and bass players.

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