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Audified Multi-Drive Pedal Pro

This plugin is all and only drive, fuzz, muff and distortion pedals. And it's one of the best plugins I have ever used.
Version reviewed1.0.2
Score: 5+/5
Score: 5+ / 5
HASR Top Pick


I had the first Multi-drive pedal plugin from Audified and it was very handy. It had really nice tones that made up for the sort of boxy looks. It was a very underrated plugin. When I found out Audified had done another, I was very excited. When I saw what the graphics looked like, I was drooling. This plugin is all and only drive, fuzz, muff and distortion pedals. I’m pumped!


Right away, you notice the graphics are about as realistic as it gets in a plugin and the second I touched the strings, I heard the quality there as well.

The tones you get from pedal to pedal are warm, realistic and lack the digital fizz some pedal plugins add to the tone. I would say this plugin is next gen quality because I haven’t heard pedals of this quality in a plugin before.

I have owned almost all of the pedals modeled in MDPP and all I can say is bravo to Audified’s team of talented people because everything in here is bang on. You can’t listen to these pedals without hearing the hard work that went into them. Every pedal I switch to seems to just get better and better. This plugin is easy and a whole lot of fun to use.

It doesn’t matter what amp sim I use these in front of or what tone I am going for, these pedals do their job effectively. The blues driver is pure gold with the Brainworx Bassdude or Thermionik Bassmensch, the Fuzz pedals make a wall of stoner / doom tones easy to achieve, the boosts create incredible metal and djent tones and the list goes on.


Many of the pedals in MDPP worked really great on a bass tone. This would also be a great addition to a bass player’s toolkit.


There is not even one tiny thing wrong with this plugin. Imagine if it included a BOSS HM2 though? Damnnn. In all seriousness, Audified’s Multi-drive pedal pro is one of the best plugins I have ever used and easily the best pedal plugin ever made in my opinion. The bar has just been set higher for pedal sims. This plugin is guaranteed to come up a lot on this page.

I would love to see future expansions for this product. Audified have a great handle on pedal plugins and it’s going to be great to see what else they come up with for guitarists. and bass players.

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