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Positive Grid Bias Pedal

Positive Grid have some great ideas and this idea is one of them. The problem for Positive Grid has been lack of execution in the sound department.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 2.3.1)


I heard about this plugin and really didn’t care about the sound quality going in. It was cheap on sale and I wanted to see the insides of some pedals. What could go wrong?


The plugin looks phenomenal in every single way. The layout, graphics, workflow, editing and everything else is truthfully seamless and extremely well done. You can even make the pedals look like a cute little cat as seen above or perhaps put a lovely picture of your favorite Aunt.

Well, the usual Positive Grid fizzy hiss does not rear it’s ugly and unwanted head with this plugin so that’s a plus. However, there’s a mid range spike in many of the boost pedals that is tough to tame. I had read about it before I bought it but I figured I could kill it with an EQ. I was partially correct but killing it also killed some of the character of the pedals.

It’s weird, there’s a few pedals that are really great but there’s way more that just miss the mark and only provide a basic shell of what the pedal in question should sound like. I found most of the pedals sounded a bit thin and cold but with a little processing, you can add some warmth.

Positive Grid has included the ability to do your own pedal mods which is great but the problem here is that once again, they give you a million ways to edit without really providing a lot of enhancements. It’s fun to turn things and see the inner workings but graphics and fun stuff means nothing if the tone isn’t there.

I really liked a few of the modulation pedals and I would never recommend this product to anyone. The mod pedals edit nicely and provide some above average qualities but it’s too little to save the plugin. You can find a lot of great atmospheric sounds by tweaking everything outside of the OD and Boost pedals. You can really create some bizarre filters and odd sounds that some might find really useful.


This is not a great plugin but it’s not horrible either. I like the idea a lot, I liked the layout, workflow and graphics a great deal but the sounds in this plugin are on par for the usual Positive Grid quality.

Positive Grid clearly have everything they need to make a good plugin but for some reason they continuously miss the mark on quality and try to cover it with graphics and marketing.

I know something big is going to come from Positive Grid and as my Dad always says “every piece of work is just part of the framework for future successes”

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