Kazrog Pedal/effect plugins

Kazrog Thermionik pedal plugins (discontinued)

The Thermionik suite has a number of pedal plugins in it. In this review we look at them all.

NOTE: These plugins are discontinued by Kazrog. According to their product page a major update is coming.


BASS DIRECTOR – Sans amp bass driver

SCORE: 7.5 / 10

EXPERIENCE: (review updated Dec 28 2018)
The Sans Amp bass driver is a piece of gear that has been used by bass players worldwide for a long time. It’s one of those pieces of gear that is just so good that it has become the industry standard for bass players of any and every style or genre.

You can use this plugin as a pedal, a preamp with a power amp and impulse loader or as the amp itself with or without a loader. I used the Bass Director in every way I could think of and it gave me a ton to work with. It’s warm, the note response is nice and overall it’s a solid rendition of the ever reliable Bass Driver DI but I also feel there is a little something missing. Overall however, it’s very solid for any use.

I was asked to re-do this review when I came into the picture to do bass reviews. I re-did the reviews for the Bass Director and Amped Bass products inside Thermionik. I bought Thermionik for the bass plugins because the price was too cheap to pass on but I found it also got me playing a lot more guitar than I am used to. I’d say that’s a bonus.

CENTIPEDE – Klon Centaur

SCORE: 8 / 10


Go look up the Klon Centaur on Reverb.com and you will see the absolutely insane prices these pedals go for. Even the clones of the Centaur are way more expensive than they should be. I tried the real deal in person and it sounded good but the price is beyond bizarre to me.

Kazrog gives you something close to a Centaur so you don’t have to spend thousands. It’s a boost type pedal with its own very unique tone. The unique tone is subtle with the Centipede but it’s definitely present in the tone.

I used the Centipede with a number of amps but it sounded best through the Kazrog Bassmensch plugin or the Brainworx Bassdude plugin. It also sounded great through all of the Marshland / Marshall inclusions in the Thermionik package.

RAM FUZZ – ’73 EHX Big Muff

SCORE: 9 / 10


The Big Muff is one of the most famous pedals ever created. It’s been used for a little bit of everything over the years but it eventually found a home with the Stoner/Doom/Desert genres. Since then, the Big Muff has been the lifeblood of many top tones in those genres.

The Ram Fuzz plugin really does illustrate the essence of a Big Muff pedal. It’s in the top three on my list and was used for many of the reviews on this page. Just another thing that makes Thermionik an absolute no-brainer.

STOCKHOLM – Boss HM2 Heavy Metal pedal

SCORE: 9 / 10


THE HM2 is the main ingredient for the Swedish buzzsaw guitar tone. The tone made so famous by bands like Bloodbath, Entrails, LIK, Dismember and many others. It has one purpose, one use and really only one tone but it’s also a tone that isn’t really possible without an HM2 or HM2 clone.

The Stockholm plugin version of the HM2 is really cool and it responds like a real HM2. I don’t have much to compare it to because as of the time of this review, there wasn’t much on the market for HM2 plugins. I really love this one but I hope a few more hit the market sooner than later. The buzzsaw is traditionally achieved by turning all the knobs all the way to the right but with the plugin, back the level off a pinch.

VINTAGE DRIVE – Ibanez Vintage TS808

SCORE: 7.5 / 10


The Ibanez Tube Screamer really shouldn’t need an introduction because this pedal has been a big deal for decades and modern metal tones all seem to require a TS plugin. Over the years, the tube screamer has been used for a lot of things on a variety of instruments.

One thing the market has a lot of is tube screamer plugins. This one isn’t a whole lot different than most of the TS plugins I have tried. Everyone likely has a bunch of boost plugins and this one is no slouch. It’s another nice addition from Kazrog.