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Waves PRS Dallas

The PRS Supermodels is a trio of new amp sims by Waves. Here we take a look the Dallas model and find that it gives some excellent clean tones.
Uses Rhythm, Lead, Crunch, Clean
Version reviewed10.0
Score: 5/5
Score: 5 / 5

NOTE: We had serious issues with the Waves installation and licensing program and we aren’t the only ones. The Waves installation and licensing process is one of the all out most frustrating experiences in the business. We felt that this needed to be mentioned as part of each Waves plugin we reviewed.


This is an amp that none of us here at HASR have ever played or even heard in person. When I looked it up during research for this review I was pretty interested in the incredible clean tones I heard in the demos and videos I’d seen. It seemed to be very capable of a world of clean and slightly dirty possibilities.


The looks are very cool, crisp and well-designed, great job. The entire PRS Supermodels pack is full of great graphics. I could see this amp working really nicely with heavy compression for an Animals as Leaders tapping clean tone type thing. You can really give the tone a full body with reverb. The Dallas is flat out one of the best and most useful clean tones that you will come across.

I put the Dallas in a chain with Fab Filter Pro C, Pro R and Pro Q and in no time I had a pretty workable chicken picking country tone. When pushed by the compressor out front, the amp responded nicely with a country clean that had some push. From there I went from southern rock to Dire Straits and The Cure, all of it was pretty easy to dial in and sounded pretty close.

When I hit the boost pedal and took some time to tweak things, BOOM, the amp really showed another side. I didn’t know this train stopped in 1986 but all of the sudden I was in hair metal heaven with the Dallas. Sometimes you get surprised by a piece of gear when it gives you something you didn’t expect it to in a good way. Like finding an extra burger patty in your burger or finding money in an old pair of shorts. This unexpected trip down to Mulletville is a welcomed one. I took some time to process it right and traded the onboard boost for a Brainworx green screamer plugin.

Boosting this amp and adding some saturation seems like it might be trying to force the Dallas to be something it’s not but hey, that’s how high gain Marshalls were made right? Sometimes taking a sim out of it’s comfort zone yields a crappy result but I wouldn’t hold that against a product in the score. Wouldn’t it be funny to read “damn this bassman sim can’t give me Cannibal Corpse tones, it’s shit!!” but when experimentation goes well, I am happy to give a sim it’s due. This was an experiment that paid off.

Like the Archon, I was so impressed that I am giving it a great score despite the Waves installation torture chamber. It’s incredible and I have used it a lot since the review. I have used it for clean but I really fell for the driven version of the Dallas. I used it for blues, classic rock, a couple brit pop type songs and I pull the Dallas out when I feel like playing along to some classic rock. It’s not the most versatile plugin ever but it does what it does really well.

The entire PRS Supermodels bundle goes on sale for real low prices fairly often. Keep and eye on the Waves sales and you will likely see the amps on for a steal.

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