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Ignite Amps The Anvil

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 2.0.1)


Ignite Amps are one of the premier freeware developers on the market. Their products are always great and even though they design freeware, they release plugins that out perform a great deal of paid plugins.  This one has been around for a few years. The Anvil is a three channel amp with clean, crunch and hi-gain options onboard.


I started with the hi-gain and went backwards. The Lead channel is awesome and very workable for any hi-gain use. I managed solid tones for djent, thrash, death metal, tech-death and more so easily on the lead channel so it really does have a lot of value for me. It didn’t feel right for solos, not sure why but I just preferred this channel for rhythm uses. It was extremely easy to get a 90s Death Metal tone with the lead channel. I had a Suffocation tone in a heartbeat then I added a RAT sim plugin for a more Obituary tone.

The rhythm tone was tough to work with. I couldn’t really get anything I really liked. I tried it with and without boosts, distortion, fuzz, muff and other pedal plugins. I went with and without various types of processing and a bunch of impulses. Nothing really pulled it to where I wanted it. There’s something kind of spongy about it that didn’t agree with me I guess.

The clean tone is glorious. It’s warm, useful, thick and authentic sounding. I added the blues driver plugin from Audified’s Multi-drive pedal pro for what ended up being a fantastic blues lead tone. Exchange the blues driver for a TS and you get a nice classic rock lead tone.

The amp did best with separate impulses for each channel. The lead channel sounded really great with the 3 Sigma Audio Zilla Fat 412. The rhythm channel was tough to find a match for but the Sterling 412 from Recabinet sounded solid. The clean tone was easy to find matches for. It depended on the application really. There was plenty of 112, 212, 410 matches for the Anvil’s clean channel.

I added the Ignite Amps TPA-1 power amp plugin with the NRR-1 and it added a ton more depth. It’s also free so I would suggest grabbing it to put in your signal chain between the amp sim and the cab loader.


The Anvil is in the top freeware amp sims out there and it makes our list of top freeware amp sims. It can do hi-gain, awesome cleans and more. Grab it asap.

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