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Brainworx ENGL E765 RT

RT stands for RetroTube - this is the Brainworx simulation of a 100W ENGL amp offering two channels and a wide range of retro tones. Let's see how it fares..

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)


A friend of mine told me about this sim when it came out because he knew I used one for a couple years. I had GAS hit me so hard I almost flipped over in my chair. It’s a single amp sim that came out a few years ago and it comes in the standard Brainworx suite features like a cabinet section and a few processing utilities.


The GUI is awesome as always with a Brainworx product. It’s easy to use, well mapped out and ideal for any level of user. To access the additional features and processing gear, simply click the “FX Rack” tab to open it up.

The retro tube is a two-channel jack-of-all-trades type amp. I have personally used the real thing for three different bands with very different styles. I used it in a rock band that did mostly classic rock, a death metal band similar to Necrophagist and a modern hard rock band. The amp never seemed out of its element and the plugin is no different in that way.

I used plugin to take a spin through the various ways I used to set up its hardware brother and they were comparable even though there was obvious variables I couldn’t recreate fully. It was effortless to get very close to my old tones once I found the right impulses for the job.

The first channel is essentially a clean channel that you can add some dirt to. The cleans are really nice but the crunch you get with a little dirt or boost on the clean channel is where the amp really starts to earn it’s keep. The thing about the crunch that is nice is that it’s really warm and it cuts phenomenally well. Add some post EQ to really have it cut in the specific spot you feel is best. That said, be careful not to boost too much as the amp is already pretty mid-voiced. You really have to work with the amp and pedal to find that balance.

Channel #2 can be what you want it to be really. As you add gain, you unleash the beast inside this very calm looking amp. You might not look at the 765 and think “metal” from the beginning but trust me, it has gain for days, a gain boost button and when you add a TS or boost, you really focus it to where it can tear a hole in a damn brick wall.

For crunch, rhythm, lead, clean and beyond, it’s a really nice sounding plugin. Like the last channel, be careful with how much you boost really any mid-voiced amp. There’s also a really cool gain boost button that gives the tone an extra shot of saturation which comes in really handy.

The cabinet section includes a number of impulse responses that will get the job done right but whenever I use this amp sim, I rock my own selection of IRs. The 765RT is like the social butterfly at the party or the kid in highschool that is loved by all in the sense that it always seems to mesh well with every impulse pack, guitar or boost I surround it with. That folks is the mark of a very good product.


Rhythm, lead, clean, crunchy, whatever you need, it’s in here. I love the real amp, I love the sim and it’s going to be a go-to for me for a good while. Brainworx never fails to deliver an insanely high quality product and this is no different. It’s reliable just like the rest of their plugins. Great job!

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