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Poulin/LePou LEGION

Rating: 6.5/10

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)

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Alain Poulin created some incredible amp sims at a time when amp sims were just starting to be truthfully realized. They were the first plugins many people used and many of those same people have kept them around for their quality tones.

This particular amp was the only one of Poulin’s plugins that wasn’t modeled at least in some part on a real amp. This one is a complete LePou creation. The story goes that he created it as an amp that wouldn’t require an external boost to tighten up.


The LeGion could use a graphic update which I am sure wouldn’t be hard to come across given the scores of loyal LePou users out there. The sim doesn’t look bad by any means but an updated look like the Hybrit and Le456 would be pretty cool. The controls are all laid out nicely.

The LeGion provides a mountain of gain, loads of tone shaping tools and it’s most effective between the mid and hi-gain areas of the spectrum. I felt anything under mid gain just sounded like I was holding it back but when you hit about 5 on the dial it comes alive. At that point you have all sorts of ways to add and subtract gain, distortion and saturation inside the amps controls.

Here’s the sleeper factor about this amp. While the graphics feature glowing tubes, you can also get some crushing solid state type tones with this plugin. Pantera, Death, 90s Death Metal and the small world of artists and genres that featured solid state tones. I had no trouble at all getting a pretty convincing Dimebag tone and a nice Morrisound studios / 90s death metal type tone with only a little work needed. Creating a nice scooped SS tone was a lot of fun in general. Just don’t add a metalzone haha. You can make it sound tube driven as well but the SS ability is nice to have.

The crunch tones are another highlight and strong attribute of the LeGion. You can get some really incredible crunchy rock or punk rock tones with the red channel. I didn’t really see that part of it coming but a crunchy rock tone for me is always welcomed with open arms. The cleans were nothing I would consider using but it’s not a concern. The amp is so tight at all times that it can kind of limit it’s use to genres that require that type of focused tone.

I don’t advise that you boost this amp sim in general but if you do, watch your mids and highs because it will get thin and harsh quickly. I dialed back the TS settings and had some nice tones here and there but it’s a fine line before it can get ugly. The amps boosting can also be rolled back or turned off in favor of your own.

Some amps have onboard impulses and loaders, the Poulin sims do not. You will need a loader and your own cabs. Cab impulses were hit and miss but I had a lot of luck with oversized cabs for the solid state tones. My favorites from these sessions were the Redwirez Krank, ValhallIR Dime pack, Recabinet Genzie and a number of other oversized options worked so well for the SS tones. The OS impulses really carried over to the other tones in the LeGion. You can dial the warmth of the tubes back in and the impulses respond well regardless.


It’s not an overly versatile plugin but not every sim has to be as long as they have one or two really good applications. The LeGion brings a few solid tricks to the table and it nails a few pretty unique tones. It a nice amp to have in the collection for mid to hi-gain uses.

While the main Poulin site has been down for years, the download links on his page was on Google Drive and they are still working. Here are the direct links for the Poulin amp sim downloads:

Win VST 32-bit
Win VST 64-bit
Mac VST (Universal)
Mac AU (Universal)

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