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Poulin/LePou LECTO

Rating: 7/10

Rating: 7 out of 10.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)

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Alain Poulin is a legend in the amp sim game and his creations are also legendary. They are free and they compete or out perform a lot of very good paid plugins.

This is the Lecto plugin and it was inspired by the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. The Rectifier is one of the most popular amps in the world and has been since it hit the market. Some of the best tones you will ever hear for a number of genres can be attained with a Dual Rectifier. Cannibal Corpse to No Use For A Name to Foo Fighters and everything in between is possible with a Recto.


The Lecto is one of the two LePou plugins that didn’t get an HD graphics upgrade. The looks are a bit dated for the market at the moment but maybe Alain would consider an update if someone out there wanted to make some nice updated graphics for the Lecto and the Legion plugins.

The fact that there’s a black face on the diamond plate makes me wonder if maybe a black face model or the 150w model was used in the modeling for the Lecto. I had a friend with one of the 150s and I can recall it being so loud it rattled my teeth and probably caused me a little hearing loss as well.

This plugin was my favorite Mesa Dual Rec plugin for some time only to be overtaken by the Brainworx Megadual, and more recently the Nembrini Cali Dual. I still use the Lecto often because of the nice tone characteristics it has but maybe not as much as I should be. It’s warm, simplistic, real easy to dial in and just one of those old faithful type plugins. I always know I can get a great tone with it if I am struggling with a tone or another plugin. It’s aged very well and still provides great tones.

The control values are there but not overly dramatic. It has Orange and Red channels with the usual Vintage/Raw/Modern switch to go from a loose to a tight tone. These controls make the amp insanely versatile for anything that requires any type of gain.

I have recreated so many tones with the Lecto successfully over the years. The Abyss studios tones, Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, NUFAN, Rise Against, Foo Fighters and so many other tones are in the Lecto if you work a little.

Boosting a Mesa Rectifier sim is essential for me. I have always found that a good tube screamer brings out the best in those amps and sims are no different. Set up the pedal and the amp in such a way that the pedal accents the better attributes of the tone. In this case and with all of the LePou plugins, you need your own pedals and processing. The TSE 808, Ignite Tyrant Screamer and Brainworx Green Screamer brought the best out of the Lecto for higher gain purposes.

All of the Poulin/LePou plugins require an impulse and impulse loader. One catch with the Lecto for me is that it can be picky with impulses. I have narrowed down a folder of very scattered impulses that do well with it but as far as general options go, find a really high quality Mesa 412 OS impulse to start with. Every company has multiple Mesa impulse selections so they aren’t hard to find. As usual, Zilla cabs came through with yet another sim, the 3 Sigma Audio Zilla Fat 412 has become a star for reviews across the board.


I am a fan of this plugin, hell I am a fan of every Alain Poulin made plugin. Everyone needs this one and it’s in my top 10 freeware plugins for a world of good reasons. The Lecto is another plugin that everyone should have in their collection. Grab it asap!

While the main Poulin site has been down for a while the links for downloads of his amp sims on Google Drive is still workning.

Win VST 32-bit
Win VST 64-bit
Mac VST (Universal)
Mac AU (Universal)

See more – demo of the LECTO

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