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Overloud TH3

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Version reviewed3.4.7

**This review covers the TH3 FULL version **

Score: 5 / 5


Full amp suite products are always a lot of fun for me. I love opening them up and just spending a day or two just going through all the fun components and things that have been included. I always buy all the expansions or the full spectrum of products because I hate coming to the darkened or locked items.

The Full package provides the user with such an insane amount of gear. You get 203 different components including 60+ amps, 30+ cabs and just a seemingly endless amount of cool stuff. A lot of components in a full suite is a good thing if the quality is there.


The looks are fantastic. I really like everything about the graphics, layout, workflow and general appearance of the plugin. The components are all very well done and it just makes the selection process more enjoyable in my opinion.

It’s a lot of fun building the chains inside the plugin. The drag and drop system with the whole rig laid out nicely is just a fun way to navigate the plugin. You can control the zoom and general layout of things to customize your workflow a bit for different uses.

TH3 features presets and more presets, most of which are pretty useful. They add a lot of their own processing inside the plugin for those not wanting to mess with too much of it. The presets help showcase the variety of amps in the package which is really great for learning the ins and outs of the plugin and it’s components. Learning what the components are, how they work and where to use them is fairly important if you want to fully enjoy TH3.

I like to create myself a simple signal chain inside the plugin for full suite reviews. Then I will add and subtract components as I go.


TH3 Full has a very impressive selection of amps ranging from vintage cleans to hi-gain monsters. I started with the licensed products and immediately I was surprised by the quality. I hadn’t really heard much about Brunetti amps before trying TH3 but I sure know about them now. It makes sense given that both Overloud and Brunetti are Italian based companies.The Brunetti models are truly nice amp sims and you can tell a lot of work went into them. The controls have a lot of value and the Brunetti amps included cover just about any genre or style imaginable. Sparkling cleans to relentless hi-gain shred and everything in between. Try them out!

The Randall amps are my next stop and again I am greeted by quality. TH3 includes a whole bunch of Lynch Box preamps that like the Brunetti series, cover a lot of ground. These preamps are all labeled in a way that you kind of get what tones they are focused on like SSL, Plexi and so on. The Lynch Box sims sound pretty great and they are a ton of fun to go through. I covered everything from really warm blues tones to djent, hard rock, shred, thrash, prog and really anything I could think of throwing at the Lynch Box gear. Well done Overloud.

The other Randall amp is the T2. This is another Randall amp that Overloud nails down really nicely. The amp is very detailed for a full suite type plugin. Sometimes the amps in full suites are like shells that only give you about 50% of the amps real character but Overloud gives you a much higher quality than you see in most plugins like it. The T2 gives you so many useful tones from clean to hi-gain while not being hard to dial in.

The DVMark amps were not really my thing but I did manage some very musical and resonant jazz tones with a couple of them. After that I hit the Overloud branded amps which are a combination of Overloud’s own creations and amps inspired by legendary and cult followed amps.

The Overloud branded creations are hit and miss for me. I was about 60/40 like to dislike with my favorites being the Marcus II, Lab 5 Clean, Lab 5 Dist, Prog, Rhythm, Plexi and Darkface 65. Even with the amps I didn’t care for, the ones I did more than made up for it. Inside the Overloud amps you will find Marshall, 5150, Mesa Boogie and many other well known brand inspired amps. The quality is pretty good and the controls have value across all the components.


The pedals and processing components included in TH3 are also very high quality for a full amp suite like this. I am used to the pedals providing only some of the usual characteristics of the real deal but Overloud ensures that you have a ton of high quality stomps and processing in house. There’s a bit of everything here. You really need to check out the product link. Boosts to Mods and post FX and more are in there.


TH3 Full includes some solid impulses. They also give you a ton of mic and mic placement options inside each impulse with a manual way to move things around. That said, after testing all of their offerings, I bypassed their loader for my own impulses and it was quite a difference. Suddenly there was a world more clarity for whatever reason. I had a ton of luck matching impulses to the amps inside TH3 Full. Not discounting their inclusions at all because they are by all means solid but I did like the tone better with my own impulses. This seems to be quite common across many full suite plugins by different developers. Never judge a sim until you have tried it with your own impulses.

No matter what tone I threw at TH3, I either nailed it or at least got in the ballpark. The options and possibilities are so immense that you really just have no excuse to miss your mark for tones.


TH3 is going on our top list of full amp suites. Everything about TH3 is enjoyable. It’s easy to use, the quality put into the components is really great and the price is more than fair for what you get. I would say if you see TH3 on sale, don’t think, just jump on it but even at full price, it’s more than worth what you get in the full TH3 package.

Is this professional grade? I would say that on it’s own it’s close but with processing and proper signal chains, yes it’s very possible to get some very high quality and realistic tones.

TH3 comes in at #2 in our favorite full amp suites of all time (with the Line 6 Helix Native taking the first spot).

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