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Magix Vandal

Rating: 1/5

Rating: 1 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.104)


The Magix Vandal is an amp suite that one of our reviewers had tucked away under a rock in some dusty folder in the depths of his VST libraries. I was personally surprised to see it was even still for sale to be honest. I think more than a few of us have at least one or two plugins we bought and forgot about forever for whatever reason. This is one of those times.

It’s a single amp that is supposed to be insanely versatile. It comes with a ton of pedals and some other fun looking stuff. It seems like Magix abandoned this plugin but it is still for sale so we are doing it!


This sure doesn’t look like a near 10 yr old plugin. The graphics are solid, the pedals look cool, the amp is reasonably sharp looking and the layout is easy to manage. I was really surprised by the looks because they really are decent, even by today’s standards.

I really wanted to go through the pedals because the graphics really caught my eye. They included a really cool looking assortment of stomps but they are for the most part really thin sounding.

I used the clean tone, it’s average and sort of clunky but workable with some processing. With any amount of gain the amp sounds like plastic to me. It sounds like one of those transistor Ibanez amp heads everyone was buying for a time. It’s very digital and grainy sounding. The quality just hasn’t held up which doesn’t shock me given than the company seems to have put the product out to pasture.

The hi-gain is dreadful and no amount of processing fixed it at all. I tried using the boost pedals and all they did was make the tone sound even thinner with more noise.

It was impossible to tell if the impulses included were good or not because the sound quality just wasn’t there. I tried my own but they didn’t help.


Thumbs up for graphic design and layout but with the lower sound quality and real steep price, this one is getting the can. The price on this plugin is hysterical. It is not nor has it ever been worth even a third of what Magix is charging for The Vandal. How does a company not adjust their prices after this amount of time yet still have the plugin for sale?

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