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Line 6 POD Farm Platinum

Version reviewed2.56
Score: 3.5/5
Score: 3.5 / 5


I bought a Line 6 POD an hour after they first arrived at my local music store. I remember how mind-blown I was at the tones in those days. I used the POD for 10 years or so in both live and recording purposes. After that however, I switched to plugins and never really gave Line 6 another look until the Helix Native came out. I was told I needed to review PODFarm and here we are.

Drinking game time! Do a shot every time we say POD..

Line 6 POD Farm is a full package suite that includes 78 amps, 24 cabs and hundreds of other pedals and tools to create any tone you might be looking for.

Being an older plugin, I was a bit skeptical of this one but since it’s still for sale, we have a job to do.


The looks are pretty cool. I like the animated looks for the components at a distance. The colors all look vibrant and graphic wise it’s solid. The weapon wheel component selection isn’t for me, even more so when I skipped sections but I liked the grid selection layout less. The layout otherwise is decent and very drag/drop based. On the downside, some of the amp graphics are a little silly.

It seems a lot of original POD 2.0 kidney bean amps made it to the farm. Some of the amps had very nostalgic tones given my experience with the POD 2.0. The older tones had been improved drastically but they were there. Like an old movie being put into HD.

There’s a ton of modern tones based on some really terrific amps. From legendary to boutique, clean to hi-gain, classic to modern, it’s all on the farm. POD Farm gives you every piece of gear you could ever need to achieve a decent tone for any style of music. It’s always such a blast opening a full amp suite sim like this because it’s like a kid in a candy store. This isn’t professional quality but the plugin hasn’t aged badly by any means.


The amp selection on the farm is diverse, I found a lot of great and useful tones. I think I created 50 presets in my first two sessions ranging from Jazz to Death metal and a little of everything in between. You get a mix of modeled amps and Line 6 creations. We only found a couple that we didn’t care for out of 78. The bass amps were warm and punchy with enough realism to satisfy my needs in a bass sim.

Something I found worth mention is the amount of hi-gain amps on the farm that resemble solid state and valve state amps. It’s really easy to create tones for everything from Dimebag to 90s Death Metal. Sometimes a specific tone requires a SS or VS type tone and you will find a few in here that do an amazing job.


The pedals are decent and there’s ton of them. You have a monster selection from boost, distortion, wah, modulation and the list keeps on going. Lots of stomps to use for tone creating and tone shaping in the package. These don’t give you overly detailed controls but they do give you a fair representation of the pedals they are modeled from.


The included cabinet impulses are ok but you can bypass them in favor of your own if you feel like it. They include 24 pretty decent impulses that all match up pretty well with the amps. I am sure trying to select 24 cabs to go with 78 amps wasn’t easy but they did a good job. I did find using my own impulses brought more out of the plugin so I suggest everyone try the same.


POD Farm platinum has held up over time but the price needs to come down considerably. The quality, selection and versatility you get with this plugin is invaluable and that’s worth something but with Helix on the market, I don’t see why Line 6 wouldn’t bring the price down on PODFarm.

Don’t dismiss Pod Farm Platinum because it’s a few years old. If the price comes down or if the product goes on sale, I would advise people jump on it if it suits your budget. You get an easy, user friendly way to create or recreate just about any tone imaginable but for the current price, there’s just better you can do for a lot less.

It’s not the most realistic and not the most current but POD Farm still has love to give and tones to spare. Nothing in the package is a precise professional quality offering but it all gets you fairly close to the mark. It’s fun but again, the price…


I will say it out front. Presets are a great way to learn your way around a new plugin or just tones in general, especially when it’s a max pack like this. Line 6 includes a crazy assortment of presets and if that’s not enough, head over to Line 6 Custom Tone for a huge library of user made presets.


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