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Ignite Amps NRR-1

Rating: 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 3.0.0)


Ignite Amps have been one of the leading providers of quality freeware plugins for some time but don’t let the $0 price fool you. Ignite Amps delivers quality at every turn that is on par or better than a lot of paid products.

This plugin would be the NRR-1. A plugin designed by Ignite Amps for Fleshgod Apocalypse guitarist Cristiano Trionfera. It’s billed as a sim with a variety of gain related abilities modeled from a “famous Boutique preamp”. The plugin has been around for a bit but I feel like it holds up just fine.


The clean tones are there but nothing too exciting. There’s nothing wrong with them by any means but I don’t really think they are part of the big picture for this sim anyways. A little boost and a Fender 212 impulse gave it everything it needed to warm up enough to be useful but I wouldn’t look to it for that purpose.

The rhythm tones really surprised me. The NRR’s rhythm channel is one of the nicer tones I have ever heard out of a freeware amp sim. It’s versatile and it can go from crunchy rock or punk to borderline hi-gain with a couple tweaks. I wanted to work with this channel a while so I tried a ton of 212 and 412 impulses, a whole bunch of boosts and some processing. The results were really solid and I’d use the tones on any recording. I found the Zilla and Mesa OS 212 and 412 options I tried all sounded great with the amp. I really liked this channel for Hard Rock, Punk, Southern Rock and other mid gain uses.

The lead channel is very useful and like the rhythm channel it provides strong tones for a wide range of genres and applications. Djent, Thrash, Death Metal, Tech-death, Metalcore and generally heavy tones are plentiful in the NRR-1. It can really do anything you need it to do for hi-gain purposes. It kind of sounds like a Soldano at times but that could be reaching.

The NRR-1 boosts so nicely across all three channels. Ignite Amps also make some truthfully killer boost plugins and all of them worked great with the NRR-1. I also found all of the Kuassa Efektor pedal plugins sounded good here. I tried OD, dist and mod plugins with nice results. It was a lot of fun.

There was one name that kept coming up in the most favorable tones and that name is Zilla. Many impulse developers have strong Zilla offerings and Seacow has a free Zilla cab in their products. The NRR-1 + Zilla = gold.

I added the Ignite Amps TPA-1 power amp plugin with the NRR-1 and it added a ton more depth. It’s also free so I would suggest grabbing it to put in your signal chain between the amp sim and the cab loader.


The NRR-1 is on our list of the best freeware amp sims being offered today because even though it’s quite old in sim years, it easily holds up to today’s standards. The NRR-1 is another freeware plugin that leaves people with no excuse to have bad tone. With even minimal processing and freeware impulses the NRR-1 can give you really great sounding tones.

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