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Brainworx Megasingle

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)


The Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier is in my opinion, kind of an amp that gets swept under the rug a little bit for the more popular amps in the Mesa Boogie line. It’s not an amp you see modeled often for likely similar reasons.

The Single Rectifier is however an incredible amp to say the very least. Someone is going to disagree with me here but I think of the Single Rec as just sort of a simplified version of the Dual Rec with fewer tone options. Both amps also carry many of the same tone characteristics.


I know it’s being nit-picky but I would like to see some diamond plate textures rather than the brushed steel look on the Megasingle and Megadual but nonetheless it’s done nicely and looks crisp. The layout is the standard Brainworx layout which is always effective. For those that haven’t used a Brainworx amp sim or really any of their plugins, let me tell you that the workflow is always quick and easy.

What you get here is a simple, effective and versatile amp that is easy to dial in. No matter what type, level or amount of gain and distortion required, the Megasingle will get you anywhere you need to go without a lot of work. Crunchy punk, rock, classic rock, blues-rock to mid gain walls of hard rock and ending with hi-gain tones for literally any type of metal including djent. Every genre and application I threw at the plugin ended up with a tone I was happy about. For leads and solos, I prefer a Marshall to offset a Mesa rhythm tone but the Megasingle had some nice southern rock or blues rock type leads to give me.

You get two channels that can be further altered with the raw and modern switch on the amp. One channel for mid to hi-gain and the other for everything else is the basic idea. Raw gives you a looser tone and modern, a tighter more focused tone. The key Rectifier tone qualities you know and love are all fairly attainable with the Megasingle.

I threw a whole lot of boosts at the Megasingle with a succession of great matches. I would guess my personal favorites of the bunch would be the BBE Green Screamer and the TSE 808. It was real easy to find good gear matches for the Megasingle.

The onboard impulses included with all Brainworx always hit the mark and this one is no different. They give you a huge bunch of impulses to get you started but if you opt to use your own, you can bypass the onboard loader. I really wish Brainworx would put in an easier way to bypass their impulses. To do so, you have to go to the bottom of their impulse selection which requires hitting the down arrow in the list. Every other onboard component has a simple toggle, the loader should also have one.

Every once in a while, you try a really odd impulse with an amp that you figure probably won’t match. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you get a surprise. In this case my surprise came in the form of the ValhallIR 212 “The Plow” impulse pack. Wow! mind blown! I love finding a use for every impulse and “the plow” was destined to match with the Megasingle. Try it!


Another homerun product for Brainworx. It’s a great sim that can be a go-to for a ton of different genres. The tones are realistic, highly detailed and really effective while being really easy to dial in.

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