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Brainworx Megadual

PlatformWin/Mac (also UAD)
Genres Any genre needing any amount of gain
Uses Rhythm, Lead
Version reviewed1.0
Score: 4.5/5
Score: 4.5 / 5
HASR Top Pick
Top Pick – Best Rectifier


Brainworx has a really great variety of guitar and bass plugins so when they released a plugin based on this amp, I jumped on it immediately. The Mesa Dual Rectifier is the amp that may have started me down the gearhead path when I was real young watching all of my favorite bands use them. The versatility of most Mesa Boogie products is part of what makes them so popular. They seem to be able to just about anything while always adding it’s signature tone characteristics to the tone.

The list of famous and well known guitarists to use the power amp is a mile long so obviously there’s going to be more than a few Recto offerings out there.


Brainworx always puts a nice look on their sims so I wasn’t surprised to see this was no different. I was just say that the knob choice was a little odd but otherwise, she’s golden. If you have used a Mesa Dual Rec or heard one on an album, you know the tone and this sim will get you there. The gains are incredible with a lot of room to work inside whatever genre you choose. There’s really no genre or style that involves gain/distortion that the megadual can’t give you. Rectifiers give you so many ways to alter the amps tone that you can really use it for anything you want. Metal of any kind, punk, hardcore, rock, hard rock, the Dual Rec has been there, done it and still does it.

The onboard stuff is useful as always. They give you a gate, delay, some filters and an impulse loader with some nice selections. You can also bypass the power amp in favor of your own if you have something you prefer or just want to experiment with the amp. Every knob, switch and option you encounter in most Brainworx sims has a lot of value and impact on the tone. It’s a very realistic sim overall.

The cleans are there and they are ok but usually with a Mesa amp, I prefer to use something else for cleans. It’s not a shot on the sim, it’s a shot on the original amp. Recto’s weren’t designed to excel as a clean amp but the clean tone is still workable.

I also had a great time testing boost pedals because the Megadual like it’s hardware counterpart responds really well to being kicked with a TS. The best boosts we found for the megadual were the Brainworx green screamer, Audified Multi-drive pedal pro and the BBE plugin also called the green screamer but there really wasn’t a boost that didn’t compliment the megadual. What I like about boosting Mesa Boogie amps is that the right boost seems to compliment the amps strongest features.

Brainworx sims always deliver detailed tones and for us that tends to be one of the things that makes an amp sim professional grade for me. You can really hear every inflection of what makes a recto a recto.


Every company has a Recto sim or two it seems but for me, the Megadual is King of the Dual Rec sims. It’s a great amp sim and Brainworx’ quality shows nicely through the whole experience. There’s never a point that you end up with a bad tone or thinking it sounds fake. There was also never a time where I thought the sim strayed from the true characteristics of Recto tones. Great job as always Brainworx, keep em’ coming.

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