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Audio Assault Dominator

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 1.0)


I saw a few YouTube demos that sounded decent and the price was crazy affordable so why not give it a shot right? Not entirely sure what amp this one is based but it offers two channels as well as a surrounding suite of pre and post effects.


The GUI is simple but effective. It’s almost like they made it look like an old Crate amp or something along those lines. Overall it’s clean and very easy to use. The panel is easy to navigate and it was pretty easy to dial in a good starting point without knowing the plugin too well.

The amp sounds decent from the get go, it was easy to go between crunchy rock, chunky gain and a lot of other tones that sounded stronger than I expected.

I don’t really care for the cabs included with the Dominator, they are workable but when I added my own IRs, it really kicked the quality up a notch. Bypassing the Dominator’s cab for my own loader I found a lot of success with a wide selection of cabs designed for heavier music. Notably the Dime pack from ValhallIR, Zilla Fatboy from 3 Sigma Audio and a Marshall EV 412 from Ownhammer.

The pedals in the suite are all pretty reasonable sounding. There was nothing bad in the bunch really but also nothing that I would say is exceptional either. The pedals in the pre and post sections all give you the basics of what you need to boost the amp, create different tone variations and shred soaring leads.


The Dominator is a strong and useful offering that can be yours for an extremely low price. It’s not going to rival the top high gain plugins but there are definitely some useful tones inside. One thing about AA, their plugins are insanely affordable and they have epic sales going on all the time so be sure to keep an eye out.

See more – Dominator demo by Benoni Studio

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