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Audio Assault Dominator

Uses Rhythm, Lead
Version reviewed1.0
Score: 3.5/5
Score: 3.5 / 5


I saw a few YouTube demos that sounded decent and the price was crazy affordable so why not give it a shot right? Audio Assault are very good at blending amps and creating their own sounds rather than using one specific amp. Most companies will tell you when they are after a specific amp or lead to it with suggestive names and graphics but AA are sort of secretive about what amps their sims model.


The Dominator’s graphics are simple but they do the job. It’s almost like they made it look like a Crate amp for some reason, which is odd, but it’s clean and very easy to use. The panel is easy to navigate and it was pretty easy to dial in a good starting point.

The amp sounds decent from the get go which can be a good sign and a bad sign some developers design their sims around one tone in a way that almost renders the amps controls useless because it doesn’t allow you to stray too far from the starting point. In this case the controls do have a good amount of value and the amp itself is pretty versatile. Crunchy rock, chunky gain and generally a lot of pretty useful tones.

I don’t really care for the cabs included with the Dominator, they are workable but I opted to go with my own IRs. Bypassing the Dominator’s cab for my own loader. I found a lot of success with a wide selection of cabs designed for heavier music. Notably the Dime pack from ValhallIR, Zilla Fatboy from 3 Sigma Audio and a Marshall EV 412 from Ownhammer.

With the onboard pedals and impulses it can be a little thin but with my own impulses, pedals and some added processing via EQ, Saturation and more, I was able to get a really Killswitch type tone out of the Dominator. It was at home when being used for punk, metal, hard rock and ska during my testing and all in all it sounded quite warm for a sim.


It sounds good and it sounds even better when you add some warmth to it via processing. The Dominator is a strong and useful offering that can be yours for an extremely low price. One thing about AA, their plugins are insanely affordable. Most of the time their plugins are all under $20 and get as low as $5. Check out Audio Assault today!

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